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“I use an app to tell me when paid apps are free”

“I use an app to tell me when paid apps are free”

Rohan Naravane of PriceBaba also sticks to the Sub of the Day, looks out for Groupon deals and believes you should get the fastest Internet connection your money can buy.

Rohan Naravane of PriceBaba is a “friendly neighborhood geek who spends more on gadgets than, say clothing or other such basic necessities,” but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t get good deals. He shares with us his money-saving tips and tricks.

What are your money-saving tips and tricks?
I only eat the Sub of the Day at Subway. You get exactly the same thing and save up to Rs50 in the process!

My money saving tricks include using apps like AppShopper on the iPhone, where you can ‘wish-list’ paid apps and it will let you know when those apps have temporarily gone free. Similar apps should be available for Android and other popular platforms too.

Maybe I’m not the most apt person to give financial advice, but here’s something many people I know like to do — put your liquid savings into a co-operative bank and take no debit card from them, or destroy it if they still give it to you.

In this case, you will not be tempted to swipe your savings away as you’ll have to go through the rather boring process of withdrawing money from the bank, which should dissuade you from indulging in impulsive purchases.

What was the last great deal you got?
The last great deal I remember correctly was a Bose SoundDock Series II brought for me by a friend travelling from the US that cost almost twice as much here in India. That and an offer on Groupon where I scored an iPhone battery case for just $25 (usually retails between $70-99). Keep an eye on Groupon deals.

Is there a product or service you wouldn’t mind paying a premium for?
Internet. It is our bread and butter, it is what we do most of our waking life. Right now I’m praying MTNL’s recently announced 10Mbps VDSL connection makes its way to my house. I’ve been waiting for their FTTH connection for close to a year. For me, it doesn’t make sense to keep the computer running overnight just to download stuff; you should just be able to get it instantly, consume and put it to sleep.

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