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“I stick to the lesser-known outlets during sales”

“I stick to the lesser-known outlets during sales”

Pooja Advani discusses her tips and tricks, which include hoping everything on her wishlist goes on sale, the last time the trick worked and why she doesn’t want a discount phone.

PR consultant Pooja Advani often browses, but waits for the sale to buy what she likes. Her smart shopping tip is to go to less popular outlets of your favourite brand every time it’s have a sale. Brilliant!

What are your money-saving tips and tricks?
I try to limit my retail shopping to sales. Often enough, if I just wait for a few weeks, I get the same piece of clothing at a discount. There are times when I buy what I like immediately, but then I feel horrible about it when I see it on sale after a month. Also, during sales, the good stuff runs out quickly at popular locations, so I think it makes sense to less-known locations with the same outlets. This trick has paid off nearly every time. I go to Phoenix only when I know I will be able to make it on the first day, otherwise I lookup other locations of the same stores in the city and more often than not come back a happy shopper.

What was the last great deal you got?
I recently got a top at a 15% discount by waiting until the monsoon offers kicked in. I had my eyes on this top from Remanika for a while. I convinced myself not to buy it and then I spotted the same top a few weeks later at a discount and I grabbed the deal!

Is there a product or service you don’t mind paying a premium for?
I’m big sucker for restaurants with good ambiance. My restaurant experience is highly dependent on the setting, lighting and the music. So I’m willing to pay a higher price for the food if it’s a fancy place. I cannot function without my phone and laptop which is why I want to have the best and I am willing to pay the price. I don’t like my work to be interrupted by slow internet speeds and network coverage issues, so I’d rather pay higher if I’m getting a reliable and fast service.

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