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‘I think setting short-term goals helps’

‘I think setting short-term goals helps’

Actress Ragini Khanna, whom you’ve seen on TV and a few Bollywood roles, shares with us her smart saving tips, from keeping track of her expenditure to setting short-term goals.

Star Plus’ Sasural Genda Phool has established Ragini Khanna as one of the leading ladies in television. And her money-saving tips are top of the line, too. Read on to learn from her.

What are your money-saving tricks?
I don’t spend much, to be frank. So I end up saving much of my money. Most people don’t keep a track on their expenditure and I’ve noticed that their expenses often exceed their budget. But it’s not as if I don’t look into my expenses at all. Keeping a tab on my expenditures helps me avoid buying things I don’t need, and what is left over goes into my savings. I think setting short-term savings goals helps. I think people would save more successfully when they keep the short-term goal in sight.

What was the last great deal you got?
My flat in Versova, of course.

Is there a product or service you don’t mind paying a premium for?
Health services, any day. As they say, ‘If there’s life, then there’s the world’.

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