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“I first sort out what I don’t need”

“I first sort out what I don’t need”

Actress Aashka Goradia shares with us her money-saving tips. Picking necessity over luxury goods and ensuring she’s adequately insured, this girl’s right on the money.

Actress Aashka Goradia, who plays an evil queen and step-mother to the title character in Sony’s Maharana Pratap, discusses her money-saving tips and tricks. TV actresses make spending decisions, too!

What are your money-saving tricks?
One trick that really works out for me is sorting out what you don’t really need. Once you do this, your mind is clear and you’re more likely to make a good decision with your money. Otherwise, you end up buying only what you’re lured by – and that too only at that time. If you keep a tab on what you need, it soon takes care of all those bad shopping decisions on luxury items.

What was the last great deal you got?
Surely my beautiful house. I picked it up before real estate in Mumbai got out of hand.

Is there a product or service you don’t mind paying extra for?
Well, that would have to be insurance. You never know what might happen, so I ensure I’m always adequately insured. When it comes to this product, I’m most concerned about protection rather than price.

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