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“I don’t mind paying extra for good after-sales service”

“I don’t mind paying extra for good after-sales service”

Aasim Bharde shares with us his tips and tricks, which include automating investments so that you not only save, but grow your savings, and thinking twice before splurging.

Financial analyst Aasim Bharde, 27, believes that saving first and patiently looking for the best deal reap healthy rewards. Read on to find out about his money-saving tips and tricks:

What are your money-saving tips?
Save first. I think blocking amounts for investments immediately after getting your paycheck is extremely important. There should be no procrastination in this matter whatsoever. It’s better to be patient when it comes to exploring spending opportunities. Look hard and research as far as possible to get the best deal. It’s not fool-proof in the end, but at least you lower the risk factor. I also think three or four times whether a big-ticket purchase is absolutely necessary or not. More often than not, you will convince yourself to postpone or even cancel a discretionary purchase.

What was the last great deal you got?
My Targus bag. Rs3,100 for the large laptop bag. Retail price was Rs5,000.

Is there a product or service you don’t mind paying a premium for?
I don’t mind paying a premium if I am convinced that after-sales service of a company is good.

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