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‘I don’t mind paying extra for good healthcare’

‘I don’t mind paying extra for good healthcare’

Actor Neil Bhatt, currently on Zee TV's Sabke Jeevan Ka Adhar – Ramayan as Lakshman, is very mature about his money. He discusses with us his money-saving tips and tricks.

Still only 25, actor Neil Bhatt already has a keen view on investments and knows exactly why so many people have a shopping problem. Read on to find out the Ramayan actor’s money-saving tricks.

What are your money-saving tips?
Well, a lot of people avoid the main issue. And that’s spending money just because they think they’re getting a good deal, regardless of whether they need what they’re buying. In today’s world of apps, points and credit, using the oldest approach to money works best I think. Instead, you could just open a fixed deposit or purchase units in a good mutual fund. That’s where you’re actually getting the good deal.

What was the last great deal you got?
Well, with the kind of havoc the market is playing, I think the fixed 8% return I got from my post office investments is good enough.

Is there a product or service you don’t mind paying a premium for?
That’s an easy one. It’s healthcare. I don’t mind paying a higher price if I know I’m getting good healthcare facilities.

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