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‘Expensive gadgets can be value-for-money’

‘Expensive gadgets can be value-for-money’

IT professional Ankit Arora tells us his money-saving tips and tricks, which also include travelling by bus in the rains and going to theatres located where real estate is cheaper.

Ankit Arora, 24, a resident of Versova in Mumbai, believes that making small lifestyle changes can have a noticeable impact on your bank balance. Here are his tricks on movies, shopping, travelling and technology.

What are your money-saving tricks?
When I go out, I try to go to affordable restaurants. The food is good enough at cheaper places and the prices are much lower. I can’t opt for the morning show because I work full-time, but I still save money on my movies! I just travel to cheaper nearby areas such as Andheri (E) or Kandivali. They have nice theatres and the prices are much lower than in prime localities. I also make it a point to take the bus. I usually use my bike, since that’s the most budget friendly, but during the monsoon, I only use the bus or the train. Rickshaws can take out a huge chunk out of your salary.

Instead of going to malls and electronic shops I look for good deals online. If I find coupons, that’s even better! Sometimes, you can even get a good deal on products that are shipped from the US. Sites such as eBay, Homeshop18 and Amazon are great for these deals.

What was the last great deal you got?
I recently bought the Nexus 7 tablet. I ordered it from Homeshop18 and it was shipped to me from New Jersey. It was on offer, so I saved several thousands on it! The only drawback is that it took 35 days to deliver because it was Christmas season.

Is there a product or service you don’t mind paying a premium for?
I would pay extra for gadgets. I try to get good deals, but on certain gadgets, buying the more expensive, good brand makes much more sense that opting for cheaper options. If they’re long-lasting, expensive gadgets can be value-for-money.

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