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Windows smartphones to get cheaper

Windows smartphones to get cheaper

With Microsoft rumoured to have offered Indian cell phone makers its mobile operating system for free, could we see budget Windows Phone mobiles from local manufacturers in India soon?

At February’s Mobile World Congress, Microsoft announced that it had partnered with nine new handset manufacturers – including Lava (Xolo) and Karbonn – to bring the Windows Phone platform to more devices. ‘Customers can expect to see an even broader array of devices, from iconic to lower-cost options, coming to market,’ Microsoft said in a press statement.

While it has taken about a month for the implications of that event to kick in, it is now believed that Microsoft is offering Indian OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) its Windows Phone OS for free. The Times of India is reporting that industry sources have confirmed to the newspaper that the Redmond-based company was in talks with Indian manufacturers to produce budget Windows Phone devices. However, the deal was only sealed when Microsoft agreed to waive off its operating system’s licensing fee.

So what can all this mean?

If you want a Windows Phone handset, your options are quite limited and budget Windows devices are hard to come by – the cheapest Windows Phone mobile you can get is the Nokia Lumia 520 which costs over Rs7,500.

While this piece of news hasn’t been officially confirmed, if you are looking for a budget Windows Phone handset it would make sense to wait until these reports are made official. However, we believe you’d have to wait still further for low-cost Windows Phone mobiles to actually hit the Indian market.

However, according to the Press Trust of India (PTI), Karbonn is set to launch Windows Phone devices in India either in late May or early June starting at Rs6,000, while Lava is expected to bring such handsets to the market sometime in July this year starting at Rs6,500.

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