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Which internet plan suits you best?

Which internet plan suits you best?

If you’re not on the right Internet plan, it means you’re either wasting your time with a slow connection or your money on one that’s too fast your needs. Find out which plan is right

Most of us spend more time at the computer today than in front of the TV. Yet, we don’t care to spend any less money on our DTH package, while refusing to examine if we’ve got the right internet plan. Picking the right internet plan requires more thought because you can use it in such a variety of ways. Perhaps you use it mainly to check your mail, browse text-based websites and stream the occasional YouTube video. Your needs are surely different from someone who downloads heavily, streams movies online and loads several applications at once. Then there are also time-based plans in case you need higher speeds at night and plans that give you limited data at very high speeds. Find out which plan is for you so that you don’t waste time or money.

Speed: 512 Kbps
If you only use the internet to surf web-pages, load largely text based websites and download minimally, these speeds will suit your needs. Internet service providers offer these speeds for low prices as they make up the slowest speed spectrum available. However, if you have a shared connection or more than two devices using the same network, buffering times will be longer.
Recommended for Web surfing, emails and online messenger chat applications.

ISP Where? Monthly charge Speed offered Download limit
Spectranet Mumbai Rs649 512 Kbps Unlimited
You Mumbai/Bangalore Rs599 512 Kbps Unlimited
Tikona All metros Rs500 512 Kbps Unlimited
MTNL Delhi Rs749 768 Kbps Unlimited
Spectranet Delhi Rs549 512 Kbps Unlimited

Speed: 1 Mbps
This speed is the most commonly offered one by service providers. Capable of taking care of basic internet facilities like standard definition videos, applications and services, a 1 Mbps connection is a good choice for users who are not looking at streaming higher quality videos or downloading many files. Multiple users can slow down load times for pages considerably with this connection.
Recommended for Standard definition video streaming, web based applications and services and light download activity.

ISP Where? Monthly charge Speed offered Download limit
Reliance All metros Rs549 1 Mbps Unlimited
You Mumbai/Bangalore Rs725 1 Mbps Unlimited
MTNL Mumbai Rs450 1 Mbps Unlimited
Tikona Mumbai/Bangalore Rs799 1 Mbps Unlimited
MTNL Delhi Rs999 1 Mbps Unlimited
Spectranet Delhi Rs999 1 Mbps Unlimited

Speed: 2 Mbps
A 2 Mbps speed is widely considered as the basic minimum to use today’s internet facilities with ease. Basic activities like surfing are easily taken care of by this speed spectrum, you can even use it for online multiplayer gaming, uploading and downloading files with ease. Although it’s highly convenient for entertainment enthusiasts, if there are more than four computers using the net for high data applications, speeds will drop considerably.
Recommended for File sharing, online gaming and better quality video streaming.

ISP Where? Monthly charge Speed offered Download limit
Hathway Mumbai/Bangalore Rs799 2 Mbps 15 GB
Tikona All metros Rs599 2 Mbps 10 GB
Reliance All metros Rs699 2 Mbps Unlimited
You Mumbai/Bangalore Rs727 2 Mbps 4 GB
MTNL Mumbai/Bangalore Rs650 2 Mbps 12 GB

Speed: 4 Mbps+
A number of internet service providers are offering high speed plans above 4 Mbps. These plans give great download speeds but are still capped with Fair Usage Policy (FUP) limits. Go for this speed spectrum if you stream high definition videos frequently and download files less often. Also, if there are multiple users, there will not be significant delay in your internet browsing speed. But don’t cross the FUP limit as speeds are then throttled down to 1Mbps to 2Mbps depending on the plan you choose. There are still question marks on whether these plans provide value for money. In the table below, You Broadband provides a 12 Mbps speed with an FUP limit of 25 GB. This practically turns out to be only 35 minutes of download time with a 12 Mbps speed to reach the limit.
Recommended for High definition video streaming, quicker download times and if there are 4+ users of the same internet network.

ISP Where? Monthly charge Speed offered Download limit
ACT Bangalore Rs1,099 15 Mbps 40 GB
Reliance All metros Rs999 12 Mbps 25 GB
MTNL Delhi/Mumbai Rs990 10 Mbps 30 GB/25 GB
Airtel Delhi/Mumbai Rs1,199/1,299 8 Mbps 15 GB
You Mumbai/Bangalore Rs1,212 12 Mbps 25 GB
Metronet Bangalore Rs1,699 10 Mbps 100 GB
Joister Mumbai Rs2,000 16 Mbps NA

Day/Night plans
These plans are designed specifically for users who usually surf the internet during the day for light usage activities like surfing and emails but also prefer to download files. Dual speeds are offered under these plans, with higher speeds reserved for post midnight hours to download data and stream videos. These plans are usually cheaper compared to other speed packs offered by internet service providers and data usage is unlimited, but speeds can be slow compared to other plans.
Recommended for Heavy download usage, basic internet activities like surfing, emails and video streaming.

ISP Where? Monthly charge Speed offered Download limit
You Mumbai/Bangalore Rs879 512 Kbps to 1 Mbps Unlimited
MTNL Mumbai Rs995 1 Mbps to 2 Mbps Unlimited
MTNL Delhi Rs800 512 Kbps to 2 Mbps Unlimited
Hathway Mumbai Rs800 1 Mbps to 3 Mbps Unlimited
Spectranet Delhi/Bangalore Rs2,099 1 Mbps to 3 Mbps 125 GB

Unlimited plans
If you are a heavy downloader of songs, movies or TV shows, these plans are for you. Also if there are multiple users in your house and there is a possibility of you overshooting your download limit, opt for an unlimited plan. Download speeds are slow, but they are well worth it if you download frequently. Go here to find unlimited internet plans in your city.
Recommended for Heavy download usage without FUP limits.

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