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What affects your phone’s resale value?

What affects your phone’s resale value?

Your phone's condition matters, but less than you think. Make enough room for current demand. A scratched iPhone will likely retain more value than a mint condition BlackBerry.

A convincing argument for splurging on a new phone is that you’ll be able to sell it at a good price a couple of years later. If you paid Rs35,000 for a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 one year ago, it could fetch Rs29,000 even if it’s not in great condition. But things change very quickly in mobile technology. BlackBerry, a businessman’s favourite, was a hit even with the college kids two years ago. That’s changed, hasn’t it? Here are the most common things which instantly prompt a dealer to dismiss an old phone’s resale value right now:

QWERTY keypads
If you’re leaning toward a new BlackBerry because it has a QWERTY keypad, you may want to reconsider. These phones have completely lost the battle to touchscreen smartphones, reducing their resale value due to low demand. A year from now, they may be even more of a niche category than they already are, lowering their resale value even further.

Outdated OS platforms
If you choose a new phone with a Gingerbread or even a Honeycomb Android operating system, its resale value will not be able to match up to the phones operating the latest Ice Cream Sandwich and Jellybean versions. For example, the Nokia Symbian platform was a great hit in the feature phone era. Finding a dealer who was ready to give you at least 60% of its retail rate was simple. But with smartphones being the current preferred phone, outdated OS phones are rarely taken seriously by dealers.

Low-priced brands
Karbonn, Lava and Micromax phones may offer great value for its price, but its lifecycle is usually compromised to give you good features at an affordable rate. In popular metros, phones from these companies will rarely get you a good return.

Phone condition
A big factor in determining a resale value, if your old phone has prominent cracks and scratches, it will cause its price to drop. Non-functional and heavily damaged phones are valued the least, even though it might have a good resale value otherwise.

Phone packaging and accessories
If your phone does not have its original packaging or accessories, you should expect less. Even if you’re missing just the earphones, dealers may knock off the amount they’re willing to give you for it.

Phones without invoice generally have their prices cut on the resale market. Most people prefer to have the original invoice of the phone as it makes it easier to verify the year of manufacture and ownership of the phone.

Mobile Retail price Resale price Depreciation %
Apple iPhone 4 Rs25,699 Rs20,000 22.17
Nokia Asha 305 Rs4,200 Rs2,200 47.61
Samsung Galaxy Y Rs7,600 Rs5,500 27.63
Blackberry Bold 9900 Rs30,499 Rs16,000 47.53
Sony Xperia Tipo Rs8,490 Rs5,000 41.1

For more on how you can sell your old phone, go here. Also, before you sell your old phone, keep the following in mind:

Backup your phone
Use an app from the Play store or iTunes like My Backup or Titanium Backup to perform a through backup of all data that is stored on your phone. This way you can make sure you don’t lose your contacts, images, videos, call logs, text messages, music playlists and even browser bookmarks.

Remove memory card
If you bought a memory card for your phone, you should get it out before you sell your phone if it’s not adding to the resale value.

Factory reset
Perform a complete factory reset on your phone. The option is usually in your phone’s security or storage option. By doing this, the phone will reset to its original state and delete all data, updates and accounts from the phone. This is an important step, as you really do not want your phone’s next user to have personal data which belongs to you.

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