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Watch live sports TV on your mobile

Watch live sports TV on your mobile

If a busy schedule keeps you away from your TV set at home during important sporting matches and events, you can watch live TV on your mobile – for a premium.

If you find it difficult to get your fill of live sports due to your schedule, use these apps for your phone to be able to watch the biggest sporting events like cricket, football and tennis on your smartphone. Although, you’ll have to pay a premium in order to subscribe to each of these services, but it still beats missing the events altogether.

If you frequently miss updates and live telecasts on football, cricket or practically any other sport, you would rather skip paying for the TV channels on a monthly basis. Use one of these apps to never miss a sports event again. app
The app is only a conduit. It is free to download on the Google play store and iTunes and it allows you to purchase different sports series. For example, you can buy the live telecast on your phone for just the English FA Cup matches. This will cost you only Rs100 and allows you access to games played until May 18, 2014. In addition to delivering a live stream of games, you’ll also be able to pause and replay a few of the best moments for cricket. The app also allows you to check live scores, comment on on-going matches, and gives you player stats and in-game analytics. Note, however, that you’ll need a 3G or a quick Wi-Fi connection to actually view video, since over 2G and Edge connections you’ll get just the audio.
Price: App is free; sporting event subscription costs can be found here.
Available on: Android, iOS

Tata Sky Mobile app
Tata Sky has come up with its Everywhere TV, a concept which allows you access to TV viewing on your mobile device, whether sports, TV shows, news broadcasts or anything else you’ve subscribed to on your Tata Sky set top box. The mobile app is free to download, but attracts a Rs60 per month per device charge, and you can set up the mobile TV viewing experience on up to 2 devices per Tata Sky subscription. Your mobile subscription is set up as follows: After downloading the app, you must register your device, and activate the mobile subscription by logging on to the Tata Sky website or calling up their customer care helpline. The app also gives you other functionality, such as using your mobile phone as a remote, the ability to set up recordings for your TV shows and access to a program guide.
What’s great about the service: You can watch live TV on the go. But you can also tune in to the last 5 days’ episodes of TV series you like to watch. Tata Sky has a list of which TV shows are available for back viewing in this way. There is also a Video On Demand service and, as you might expect, each video will cost you additional.
Price: App is free; subscription costs Rs60 per month per device.
Available on: Android, iOS

Other providers such as Airtel and Reliance also allow you to watch TV channels on your phone, but they involve downloading a client or accessing the respective WAP portals, and don’t include sports channels.

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