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Value-for-money console games

Value-for-money console games

Some games are known for their crisp and exhilarating 12-14 hour storylines, others are known for their high replay value. Here are the top five games which you can play for over 100 hours.

Some of the biggest hits over the past few years have been games with a storyline lasting 15 hours or less. From the masterpiece Assassins Creed 2 to the heart-wrenching Red Dead Redemption, these games enthralled, but ended too soon. That’s disappointing, isn’t it? Spending Rs3,500 on a game that you get bored of in a week. Maybe you would be able to borrow them from a friend, a library or even buy them second-hand and instead consider buying games that do have replay value. In the following list, we give you five highly-rated releases that will keep you on the edge of your seat even after 100 hours of gameplay.

Gears of War 3
Genre Third-person shooter
Why? This war game, which emphases the use of cover and squad tactics, gives you about 16-18 hours of storyline gameplay. But its high quotient of reply value comes in its Xbox live versions and even multiplayer modes in the game. Play with or against your friends, pit yourself against the console and get hours of entertaining gameplay with Gears of War 3.
IGN rating 9/10
Cost Rs2,250 for Xbox 360

Genre Sports simulation
Why? This football simulation game has built up a huge fan following across the world. With different modes – manager mode, tournaments, be a pro and online modes – this game provides you with large number of gameplay hours. Just the manager mode is capable of giving you over 100 hours of gameplay. The multiplayer modes, where you can test your skills against friends or online players, are extremely rewarding.
IGN rating 9/10
Cost Rs3,500 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Rs2,500 for PC.

Dragon Age 2
Genre Action role-playing game
Why? This game from Bioware gives you a huge open world to explore. Quests, tasks and adventure mark the entire gameplay. Set in a mythical world, you can control a number of characters in the game and choose various options that alter its outcome. A storyline of around 50 hours plus many more hours of side quests and exploration make this game a great buy.
IGN rating 8.5/10
Cost Rs1,357 for Xbox 360, Rs1,200 for PlayStation 3 and Rs999 for PC.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2
Genre First-person shooter
Why? The game is based in two Cold Wars, one which the world already witnessed till 1989 and the other based in 2025. The storyline has 14-15 hours of gameplay, but this game trumps in its multiplayer value. Online, LAN or just split-screen multiplayer with your friends or online gamers, Black Ops 2 provides you with countless hours of entertainment. Many modes are available to test your skills, individually or in a team. Finding users for online multiplayer gaming is not hard as this game has a wide following.
IGN rating 9.3/10
Cost Rs3,000 for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. Rs1,899 for PC.

Dirt 3
Genre Racing
Why? Built by the Codemaster team, this game has no specific story around it. A number of tournaments and series take you to the racing track from the time you start. Separate modes include testing different kinds of vehicles or setting best times on a number of racing tracks. You can even pit yourself against friends or online gamers with an internet connection. But if you don’t have an active multiplayer collection, the artificial intelligence of this game is enough to give you some adrenaline pumping races as well. Dirt 3 is one of the most highly rated racing games of all time.
IGN rating 8.5/10
Cost Rs899 for Xbox 360, Rs1,500 for Playstation 3. Rs500 for PC.

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