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Top five free personal finance mobile apps

Top five free personal finance mobile apps

Keeping an eye on your budget when you are out shopping or paying bills is a hectic task. Use one of these five personal finance apps to make things easier.

Keeping track of your finances help you pay bills on time, set budgets across various categories like travel, movies and groceries and make better investments. There are many apps available on the internet which can do this for you, alerting you when you are overshooting your spending limit or when a bill payment is due. The good apps go an extra mile, analyse your spending trends and paint an accurate picture of your current finances, helping you decide better and save. Here are the to five of them:

Money Lover
Money Lover makes managing your personal finances on a daily basis much easier. It includes features to add daily transactions, specify budgets across categories like travel, entertainment and food. It also gives alerts for debts you need to pay or sounds a warning that you are nearing an end to your budget. You can add financial details like your salary and enter every expense to give you reports on how much money you have saved and can afford to spend at the end of the month.
Available on Android, iOS and Windows phones

Toshl Finance Budget & Expense
One of the best rated personal finance online, Toshl is simple to use and organises your expenses in a streamlined manner. The app helps you keep a track of all your expenses, find out where your money is going, set up budgets that you don’t overshoot them and also remind you about outstanding payments. You can segregate budgets across days, weeks, months and one full year and set up repeating expenses and bills to organize your finances.
Available on Android, iOS, Windows, BlackBerry and Symbian phones Personal Finance
The app is developed by the popular finance website which helps you organize your budgets and save money efficiently. The app gives you the same and more. The personal finance app helps you track every Rupee spent and automatically categorizes your transactions. The app also draws out charts and graphs which show you which category you spend the most on. Budget, bills and other outstanding payments can be easily set up helping you keep a track on your finances.
Available on Android, iOS and Windows

Expense Manager by Bishinews
This app from Bishinews does well with managing your expenses and incomes by sorting them on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis. Compatible with Androids only, you can view budgets by categories, schedule payments and setup alerts about various bills and payments. The app also lets you take pictures of bills and receipts which can be stored on your phone or SD card for future references. The app comes with a built-in currency convertor and tax calculator.
Available on Android

Pocket Expense
This well-rated app tracks all your bills and expenses, helping you to never get fined for late payment again. You can also use this app to set up balance limit reminders for your bank account so that it sets off an alert when you are nearing it. The app is extremely user-friendly, displaying all bills, transactions and expenses in one central display. You can also prepare budgets for different time periods and mark them as recurring or non-recurring ones.
Available on Android, iOS and Windows

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