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Top five free apps for travel

Top five free apps for travel

Do you use tour operators because you need help juggling tickets, reservations and itineraries? A digital companion can organise your holidays free of charge in no time.

The holiday season is fast approaching and with it, the process of managing various bookings, tickets, rental cars and itineraries. We all know this can be a hectic task. But here’s where travel apps come in. They let you plan and make bookings, organise notes and check whether your flights are on time. Besides tracking loyalty rewards and the nearest Wi-Fi hotspot for you, they also give real-time reviews and ratings of hotels, restaurants and other tourist attractions. If you plan on just taking a walk in a foreign city, don’t worry, take these apps along to be a virtual tour guide at all times. Here are the five best travel apps you can have on your vacation:

What TripIt offers you, is a complete hassle-free way to combine all your travel confirmations, tickets, hotel reservations and other bookings in one single view. Using that view as a central hub for all your travel plans, you don’t need to go looking for confirmed flight tickets or voucher numbers to avail your hotel bookings. If you have been allotted a flight seat already, it can also suggest if there is any better seat which you can opt for. You can also share your trip plans as easily as you make it, making your family and friends know when to expect you. The app syncs with your Google calendar, giving you reminders for various reservations and bookings.
Features Easy to use and hassle free data segregation
Available on Android, iOS and Windows

Much like how a bucket-list operates, TouristEye lets you choose destinations and experiences that you want to have. After creating a wishlist, you can share the app with friends, families or other social media groups. Active members suggest points of interests and things to do in your immediate vicinity acting as a virtual guide at all times. Owned by Lonely Planet, the app is loaded with information about various places you would like to go to. You can also use this app offline.
Features Active inflow of tips regarding various cities and destinations
Available on Android and iOS

Similar to TripIt, this app looks to get all your travel plans and itineraries in one place.TripCase comes with a handy interface that’s easy to refer to before you leave for your trip and also while you are on the go. You can either manually add various booking information or send it to TripCase and let it organize it for you. Once that’s done, you can view you trip in a timeline based format which helps in laying the entire trip in front of you. The app also gives you directions to places around you in a detailed manner.
Features Easy to use, offline directions and timeline based format
Available on Android and iOS

One of the best travel resources on the internet, the TripAdvisor app goes the same mile to give you information and insights about various places. The app does not collect travel information and other documents like other apps on this list, but with its powerful network of users it gives you a detailed insight about hotels, tourist attractions, restaurants and other things to do. A hotel which you have never stayed at can easily be checked for its quality on TripAdvisor and you can make a decision whether it’s worth your money or not. Similarly, you can use this app to plan trips based on other people’s reviews. An added feature of this app lets you explore places and you can find other interesting places and things to do on your way.
Features Biggest online collection of travel reviews and ratings
Available on Android, iOS and Windows

The app was not made to be a travel app, but its wide range of functions and features make it useful in countless scenarios. Use this app to record, save and organize various information and data about your trip. You can also clip and copy from the web, take photos on trips and tag it on a various timeline. The app comes with an OCR feature, which can convert written words in an image into text. Just take a snapshot of your tickets and you can have them all typed out in word; ready for you to access them when you want. You can also sync your plans between different platforms you use and share it with other people easily.
Features Handy app to organize your documents and convert images into text
Available on Android, iOS and Windows

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