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Top 5 smartphones under Rs15,000

Top 5 smartphones under Rs15,000

The range of smartphones in the sub-Rs15,000 category is wide. Here are five Right Choice recommended budget smartphones you should opt for, all under Rs15,000.

With several Indian brands gaining credibility, competition in the budget smartphone category is intense. Should you opt for a top-of-the-line phone from Micromax or buy a budget smartphone from Samsung? A plain reading of the specifications won’t reveal enough. You need to know how the phone performs. That’s where Right Choice comes in. The ad-free magazine, which tests products and services, went through the entire range of smartphones to find the best ones below Rs15,000.

Smartphone Flipkart Amazon Ebay Snapdeal Right Choice rating
Micromax Canvas 2 A110 Rs9,599 Rs10,176 Rs12,890 Rs11,336 63%
Nokia Lumia 620 Rs12,650 Rs12,473 Rs12,490 Rs11,707 62%
Nokia Lumia 520 Rs8,299 Rs7,870 Rs8,426 Rs8,400 61%
Huawei Ascend P1 Rs11,999 Rs11,895 Rs11,699 Rs12,390 60%
HTC Windows Phone 8S Rs13,099 Rs13,800 Rs13,500 Rs12,847 59%

Micromax Canvas 2 A110
At under Rs10,000, this offering from Micromax offers plenty with a 5-inch good quality screen, responsive touchscreen, long battery life and an excellent camera. The screen has great contrast levels, making images and text look sharp and detailed. The 8-megapixel camera does a great job at taking photos, especially in daylight. It also has minimal shutter delay if you are looking to click multiple times. However, with only 4GB internal storage, downloading apps can be a problem. The phone is also known to take longer than other phones to charge.
Supported platform Android
Pros Good quality touchscreen, excellent camera and dual-SIM
Cons Long charge time, 4GB internal storage and inconsistent night photographs

Nokia Lumia 620
A good value smartphone at its price, this Windows based phone packs in many features like a 3.8-inch screen and a long-lasting battery. This phone is compatible with MS Office and comes with a built-in satellite navigation app. The screen, although low resolution, gives great quality. Its drawbacks are a lack of FM radio and the supplied headphones are poor. But the phone makes up for it with its speedy processing and portable weight. The phone takes only a short while (just about two hours) to get fully charged.
Supported platform Windows
Pros Good value, portable and decent battery life
Cons Small internal memory and lacks FM radio

Nokia Lumia 520
Much like the Lumia 620 in all its aspects, the phone has a bigger 4-inch display and a stronger battery. One of the world’s top selling Windows phones already, the phone is also slimmer and lighter than Lumia 620. The sharp display is one of the best in the price range. It has a processor of 1GHz and it does well in running the phone without a lag, although it does not deal well with multiple apps open. The phone’s camera is not impressive, and like the 620, this phone too lacks FM radio. However, at its price, this phone gives great value-for-money.
Supported platform Windows
Pros Sharp display, processor speed and light-weight
Cons Lacks FM radio, bad quality supplied headphones and shorter battery life

Huawei Ascend P1
A Windows 8 smartphone, the Huawei Ascend P1 costs just around Rs11,000. At 120g, this phone is fairly light for 4-inch phone. Even though the phone is made of a plastic cover, it’s still sturdy enough to withstand a few falls. The battery life of this phone is superior compared to all other phones; it can run almost two days between charges. The processor, although, can do better as it starts lagging while using content-heavy apps. A free satellite navigation app can be downloaded on this phone through the app store making this a good option to have.
Supported platform Windows
Pros Lightweight, sturdy and great battery life
Cons Average processor performance and lack of pre-installed apps on the phone

HTC Windows Phone 8S
A decent budget smartphone, the HTC 8S is fairly lightweight and small compared with other HTC models. The processor is good to run most apps and can carry out tasks like web browsing and light gaming easily. However, it starts slowing down while running heavy games. The screen quality of this phone is good, but not as good as other phones mentioned on this list. A helpful feature is the power saving mode, which kills all battery draining apps when your phone is running out of juice. Out of the 4GB memory provided as internal storage, only 1.22GB is available, making this a serious flaw.
Supported platform Windows
Pros Good screen quality, power saving mode and lightweight
Cons Small internal storage and average screen quality

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