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The selfie stick accessory – what is it and do you need one?

The selfie stick accessory – what is it and do you need one?

It’s not easy trying to fit a large group of friends into a self-taken photograph. That’s where the selfie stick comes in. Here we tell you what it is and whether you’d actually need it.

You may have heard about the selfie stick – a long rod-like accessory that helps you take selfies or group selfies with greater ease. You may have even seen people use it. But what is it, how does it work, does it really help and do you need it? Here we answer questions you may have had about the odd-looking accessory.

What is it?
Known by a few names, including the mono-pod, the selfie stick is a handheld gadget that helps you click selfies with more room for subjects. It extends far beyond the reach of your arm so you can fit more people in the frame, making it a great tool to take group shots without missing out on the picture taker.

Some are just physical devices for holding your camera farther away from you, but others come with in-built Bluetooth to click snaps. Most can support up to 500g which should be more than sufficient for your phone, but some can take as much as 3,000g (or 3kg).

How it works
You fit your Bluetooth-enabled camera phone onto one end of the selfie stick and aim it towards you. But since you can’t reach the phone to click a photo, there’s a remote button to do that. There are two types of selfie sticks – one has a Bluetooth button on the handle, and the other comes with a tiny gadget that looks like a car remote lock. You’ll need to pair your smartphone with the Bluetooth device and then simply click the button to take a photo.

Does it help?
With the selfie stick you can actually get more friends in the picture than if you were holding the camera in your hand. It is easy to carry around too – the device folds down to about 25cm (or eight-tenths of a foot).

Do you really need it?
Probably not. You’re unlikely to use the selfie stick every chance you get, but it is a novel device that will turn heads. If you love taking selfies or if you like getting everyone at a party squeezed tight into a picture, you could consider getting it.

Cheapest options
Most selfie sticks we saw cost in the range of Rs500-1,000. But there are products that are considerably cheaper. This one on Snapdeal costs just Rs385. It goes out to about 102cm – that’s over three feet – weighs about 115g and can take a load of about 450g. It comes with a Bluetooth button built into the handle. Get it here.

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