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The Nokia X: A good deal or not?

The Nokia X: A good deal or not?

Nokia’s first attempt at an Android phone has been launched and will cost you only Rs8,599. We find out what you are actually getting for that price.

Nokia’s first Android-based device, the Nokia X, has been launched in India with a price tag of Rs8,599. The device will run a forked version of Android, which essentially means that the phone will run on an Android operating system (OS) but you won’t have access to Google’s Play store as the OS is specifically designed for Nokia. The apps you can use on this phone can be from both Android or Nokia, but it will still be within the Windows framework.

Even though the phone is an Android, the Nokia X still has a Windows feel to it in the way in which the phone is built and considering how its OS looks. Here are a few pros and cons about the phone.


Budget price
In a digital era where budget phones can cost as much as Rs40,000 with Apple’s iPhone 5C, Nokia sticks to its guard and has priced the phone as its cheapest smartphone at Rs8,599.

App compatibility
If you prefer a Windows phone but have always wanted the open source app world that Android offers, this phone will be a perfect fit for you. Nokia has promised that apps found on Google’s Play store can be ported across to the Nokia store and you will have almost the same access to the number of applications for your phone. Nokia’s Windows phones have, in the past, faced criticism for the lack of apps that are designed for the platform.

Battery life
Nokia products are known for their long battery life and the Nokia X is no exception. The phone promises to give you more than 10 hours of talk time on a 3G network and up to 22 days of standby time. If you are a 2G user, the phone will give you 28 days standby time and 13 hours of talk time. Considering the price, it’s difficult to find a smartphone that can offer the same battery life as the Nokia X.

Build quality
During the phone’s launch, it was dropped from a height of 5 feet and banged on a wooden surface. There was no visible damage and the phone worked smooth after that. The phone might not be very tough but you can still expect it to withstand occasional knocks and falls.


Nokia has built into the phone specifications such as a 1GHz dual-core processor, 512MB of RAM and only 4GB of internal storage. In an age where quad-core processors are the norm for smartphones and RAM starts at 1GB, the specifications seem heavily compromised, but that’s probably due to its budget nature. You won’t be able to expect smooth running from processor-heavy applications. In addition, the Nokia X does not feature a front camera and the rear camera is only 3Mp. For the same price you will find phones offering much better specs from manufacturers including Karbonn and Micromax.

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Android and Windows compatibility
If you are currently an Android user, the Nokia X would be a fairly disappointing switch due to its reluctance to feature the Play store. The smartphone, even though it’s an Android, doesn’t come with apps like Gmail or Google apps but instead with Windows applications like Outlook. Also, rooting apps on this phone will result in a lapse in your warranty.

If you are looking at brand value – which Nokia certainly offers – the phone is a good buy at its price. However, if you are looking at only a relatively cheap Android-based phone, there are plenty of other options in the Indian market that offer better specifications and cost less. But compared to other phones, Nokia is known for its strong after-sales support. Go for the Nokia X only if you are familiar with a Windows Phone handset and would like to use an Android OS for other conveniences.

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