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Simple uses for outdated phones

Simple uses for outdated phones

If you have moved on to a smartphone, leaving your feature phone to rot inside a cupboard, here are some handy ways to get some more value from it.

The smartphone era has caught on, with recent reports indicating that these phones will now be available for as low as Rs3,499. If this makes you think that your old feature phone has no use for you, think again. Instead of letting it gather dust on its way to become a piece of scrap metal, opt for one of these creative ways to get the most out of that old device of yours.

MP3 or radio players
Some high-end phones today do not come with pre-installed radio players. While an app would do the trick, your old feature phone can store MP3 files and play radio stations with ease. Take along this phone for your exercise routines like jogging and walks, where you cannot afford to risk your primary phone falling down. Feature phones are almost always lighter than smartphones, making it an ideal companion. If your old phone comes with bluetooth support, it can also be tethered to a bluetooth headset for music playback on-the-go. A standard 3.5-mm headphone jack on the phone can extend its use to your car’s music system as well through its auxiliary port.

You can use your old feature phone as an effective and compact organizing tool as they come preloaded with alarms, calendars and memo applications. Set reminders for important events, jot down important notes and use alarms when you don’t have access to a dedicated device with your old phone. Feature phones have sufficient storage to store huge amounts of word counts and can take notes or reminders over a period of few years at least.

Kitchen tool
What use could a feature phone be in your kitchen? Well, a lot more than you give it credit for. Most phones come with a preloaded calculator and converter. Use it to measure quantities across different recipe books which use a variety of conventions. Feature phones also come with timers, alarms and stopwatches. If you need to keep a track on how much time it has been since you placed that pot on the stove and when you have to take it off, these applications can be of great help.

Emergency phone
A fully charged feature phone can go on for days, especially if it’s on idle or switched off. Keep one stored in your car and at your home for emergencies. In times of a power failure, instead of using your smartphone’s screen for light and draining out your battery, use the feature phone as an emergency light. Some old phones also have an emergency torchlight built in them. If your primary phone incurs a problem, you can use your feature phone for making emergency calls as well.

Do you lose things very often? Feature phones can be used as great tracking devices. A set of keys can be attached to your phone as a key-ring for example. If they are lost, all you need to do is call your old phone and you will locate them with ease. You can also use this hack with other easy to lose products that you may have.

Traffic alerts
If you encounter car jams on a daily basis while driving, you can use your old phone as a simple tool to keep you updated about traffic alerts. Subscribe to, and you can get live traffic updates on routes that you travel frequently on. The website sends you a message every time a traffic jam is reported and alerts you about possible delay times as well.

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