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Sell your console games ASAP

Sell your console games ASAP

Pre-owned games in India are too expensive, though they're worth a look, too. How you can surely cut costs, though, is by buying a game brand new and selling it as soon as you’re done.

Depending on how big a gamer you are, you may spend more than what you paid for your console in a few months. That’s because games nowadays cost around Rs3,000 a pop. That’s serious cash on games that you tire of in just a couple of weeks. So what do you do? Just complain about the high prices and let the discs collect dust or let it do so at a friend’s house? If that’s what you’ve been doing, here’s an idea:

The next time a game releases, don’t think about the high price. Instead, pay full price, get done with the game quickly, and simply sell it to a store that offers pre-owned games (most of them do) or put it up on websites such as OLX or eBay.

Pre-owned is expensive
A number of Indian stores – Game4u, Grabbit, Landmark, Complete Entertainment Exchange, GamesXS – do sell used games. If you, however, check their prices, however, you’ll be frustrated. As if to lure you into buying games brand new, these stores sell you most of their used game collection at prices too close to those of brand new games. Here’s a list we compiled on October 10, 2013:

Games MRP Game4u Grabbit CeX
Batman Arkham City Rs1,299 Rs1,099 Rs1,450 Rs1,800
Assassin’s Creed III Rs2,799 Rs1,299 Rs1,750 Rs2,200
Injustice Rs1,999 Rs1,999 Rs1,800 Rs3,000
Borderlands 2 Rs2,400 Rs1,444 NA Rs2,200
Max Payne 3 Rs999 Rs799 NA Rs1,200
Spec Ops The Line Rs2,499 Rs1,799 Rs1,700 Rs3,000
Dishonored Rs3,499 Rs1,899 Rs2,599 Rs3,200
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Rs1,599 Rs1,499 NA Rs2,000
Oblivion Elder Scrolls 4 Rs1,240 NA Rs1,200 Rs1,200

Sell your new game instead
Instead of waiting for a few months to let the new games arrive at the pre-owned stalls, what you should do is buy a game, play it, and sell it as soon as you can. This is because the newer the game, the higher the premium the stores mentioned above will pay you for it. If you do this regularly, you could easily drop your expenses on games by a third. More importantly, you don’t have to wait for the game to get old before you can buy it.

Games MRP GameXS CEX
Far Cry 3 Rs1,799 Rs600 Rs1,700
Call of Duty Black Ops Rs2,229 Rs500 Rs900
GTA V Rs3,999 Rs2,150 Rs2,900
Gears of War 3 Rs1,900 Rs550 Rs750
Dishonored Rs3,499 Rs950 Rs2,100
Halo 4 Rs2,799 Rs900 Rs1,300
FIFA 13 Rs2,999 Rs700 Rs1,500
Assassins Creed 3 Rs2,799 Rs800 Rs1,300
Mafia 2 Rs2,499 Rs550 Rs750
Battlefield 3 Rs2,400 Rs700 Rs1,400

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