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Samsung slashes Galaxy Gear price

Samsung slashes Galaxy Gear price

After days of deliberation, the Galaxy Gear smartwatch has been given an official price cut and will cost you only Rs15,290 at Samsung India’s e-store.

The much reported Galaxy Gear price cut has finally come into effect with Samsung slashing the official price of the smartwatch by at least Rs7,000. The product from Samsung faces stiff competition from Sony’s SmartWatch 2 which is tagged at Rs14,990 at launch and can be bought for far less around Rs12,000 online.

The smartwatch was launched with the Galaxy Note 3 and comes loaded with a 1.63-inch OLED display. The product also comes with an 800MHz processor, auto-focus camera and Bluetooth connectivity. The Galaxy Gear smartwatch is compatible with the Note 3, S4, S3, Note 2 (after the latest Android update) and the newly launched Samsung tablet – the Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition.

Smartwatch features

Auto unlock
You can pair the Galaxy Gear smartwatch with your phone to ensure that its unlocked only through your watch. This eliminates the need to punch in a pass code or a pattern to unlock your phone.

Voice control
The smartwatch gives you the flexibility to control your phone by voice commands. You can ask your phone to accept or reject calls, and even take photos when you are away from it.

Music player controls
You don’t need to use your phone to constantly adjust volume or go to the next music track if you have the Gear smartwatch. The controls are easily accessible on the watch’s screen.

General notifications
You won’t need to keep picking up your phone to check its battery level, switch on your Bluetooth or control the screen’s brightness level. You can control these functions with the smartwatch easily.

The Galaxy Gear does not have a camera which can match up to that of the Note 3 or S4, but you can still get decent quality photos from it. A setting allows the photos to be transferred automatically to your phone, so you don’t have to do it manually.

App store
There are plenty of apps specifically designed for the Gear smartwatch. At launch 70 apps were available. This included basic fitness apps like a pedometer. Other apps like Evernote, eBay and Path have made recording locations, documents and making online transactions a breeze on the smartwatch. The Atooma app for the Gear also manages to make your smartwatch perform ‘if-then’ tasks, triggering actions like turning on the Wi-Fi, based on the time of day, the battery level and where the Galaxy Gear is at a given moment.

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