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Reached your 3G USB’s limit? Tether your phone

Reached your 3G USB’s limit? Tether your phone

Once you reach your 3G dongle’s data limit, tether your smarthphone’s plan to your laptop to avoid unnecessary extra charges instead of the pay-as-you-go option.

With 3G dongles, we can all access the internet on the go on our laptops. No wired broadband plan needed. Great, but what do you do when you exhaust your data package for the month? Do you use the pay-as-you-go option? If you do, you’re wasting your money. Instead, you could simply turn to your trusty mobile 3G internet to save on internet charges. Connecting your laptop or tablet to your mobile’s 3G plan is extremely simple and convenient. Here’s how you can do it:

Phone tethering option
Available on most smartphones, including entry-level ones, you can find this feature in your mobile network and connectivity settings menu. Switch on the portable Wi-Fi hotspot option and provided you have an active mobile internet plan on your phone, you can now connect to it from your laptop or computer’s Wi-Fi connection as any normal internet option near you. However, make sure that your phone is plugged into a charging point as this feature drains out a significant amount of battery.

3G dongle and mobile data plans

Service provider 3G dongle plan Overage charges 3G data plan Overage charges
Reliance Rs250 for 1GB Rs1.2 per MB Rs123 for 1GB 3p per 10kb
Vodafone Rs750 for 4GB Speed reduced to 64kbps Rs451 for 2GB 10p per 10kb
Airtel Rs950 for 6GB Speed reduced to 128kbps Rs449 for 2.5GB 10p per 10kb

Although the 3G dongle turns out to be beneficial, as compared to mobile 3G plans from the same service provider (with the exception of Reliance), mobile data plans can also accommodate more than one laptop or computer to connect to its internet. It’s also useful if your tablet has a Wi-Fi, but no 3G option. While we do not recommend substituting 3G dongles for mobile data as having a dedicated internet dongle offers better functionality compared to only relying on your phone’s internet connection, the tethering trick works great when you’ve exhausted your data plan.

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