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Portable speakers under Rs1,000

Portable speakers under Rs1,000

Looking for speakers to enhance your laptop’s sound or play songs from your mobile without spending a fortune? Here’s what you can choose if you’re on a tight budget.

If you use your laptop primarily for multimedia you’ll know that the built-in speakers most often aren’t up to the mark. They won’t deliver the quality of sound you expect from a movie-watching experience or for music on the go. That’s where portable speakers come in. They’re also handy for small house parties where you don’t have a hi-fi music system. Just connect them to your mobile phone and blast away.

Here we’ve given you a few options to expand your aural arsenal for a better multimedia experience.

Laptop speakers

Zebronics Rock 2.0

Zebronics Rock 2.0

Price Rs299
These tiny speakers from Zebronics are capable of a 6W power output and come with a 1-year warranty. Like the other options here, they draw their power from your laptop’s USB port and connect through a 3.5mm jack. And in fact, Zebronics has a range of portable speakers to choose from, so you might also want to check out other models to find one you like.

DigiFlip PS001

DigiFlip PS001

Price Rs399
These are highly portable speakers, and are designed to be used with a USB power source – just plug them into one of your laptop’s USB ports. These 6W satellite speakers look pretty stylish but come with just a 6-month warranty. DigiFlip also has other portable speakers you can look at.

HP 2.0 compact speakers

HP 2.0 Compact Speakers

Price Rs514
These compact, 2-channel, USB speakers from HP only pack 2W of power, so you might find the output a little less. They are magnetically shielded, however, weigh just above 250g and come with a 1-year warranty.

Dell AX210CR

Dell AX210CR

Price Rs577
This stereo speaker set from Dell connects to your laptop through USB for power and a standard audio jack. The tall design means you won’t need much room to accommodate the satellite speakers. On the plus side they come with a 1-year replacement warranty.

Creative SBS A60

Creative SBS A60

Price Rs792
Not very portable – weighing about 1kg – this set from Creative provides 2-channel, 4W output. It has volume controls on the unit itself and comes with a 1-year warranty.

Mobile phone speakers
These devices come with rechargeable batteries so they can be used with mobile phones and MP3 players in addition to laptops and desktop PCs. They are highly portable – their main feature – but, in general, won’t provide great audio and their battery life might be limited.

Philips SBA3010/SBA3011

Philips SBA3010

Price Rs799
This tiny cylindrical device is stylish and can plug into any music player which has a 3.5mm audio port. Battery capacity or battery life hasn’t been mentioned.

iBall Boom Bastic 2.0

IBall Boom Bastic

Price Rs899
The iBall USB speakers are great to have with you to listen to music on-the-go.  They seamlessly fit with any smartphone or mobile phone and give you great sound quality. The product also comes with a 1-year repair and replacement warranty.

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