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Portable speakers from good brands under Rs1,000

Portable speakers from good brands under Rs1,000

Of the cheaper portable speakers available, many compromise on the quality of sound they deliver. If you need good quality music on the go, here are options to consider.

Portable speakers are great for enjoying music when you need loud sound but can’t carry large or bulky speakers. You can even use them at a small house party or at a casual gathering of friends. Here are a few options from good brands that aren’t too expensive. Sadly, the attractive Philips SBA3011 is no longer available for less than Rs1,000.


Philips SBA1610/00
Price: Rs1,000
This elongated triangular speaker from Philips is another head-turner. However, unlike other speakers here, it takes three AAA batteries and has a claimed playback time of 12 hours. You can get it in silver – officially called grey – on Amazon for Rs1,000 (here).
Good: Attractive design, 2W output, lightweight (0.169 kg), 12 hour playback (claimed)
Bad: Slightly bulky (16.3cm long)


Lenovo M520
Price: Rs875
These may not be ideal for your portable music needs since they go best with a laptop and require USB power. However, you can use a USB wall charger if you want to use them with your phone or tablet. They are available on Flipkart (here).
Good: 2-channel output, 2W power output
Bad: Need USB power, heavy (0.74 kg)


Nokia Coloud Bang MD-1C
Price: Rs699
The price of the Nokia Coloud Bang has dropped and this uniquely shaped speaker is now available for just Rs699. They have a 3.5mm plug, but they charge quickly and their 40mm drivers produce a 94dB output. Get the black version here for Rs746, the orange version here for Rs795 and the green version here for Rs699.
Good: Quick to charge (2 hours claimed), long playback (8 hours claimed), daisy chain capabilities
Bad: Not wireless, single channel sound


Philips SPA3250
Price: Rs799
These tiny portable speakers from Philips are meant for a laptop, but you can use them with a wall charger. They give you 2-channel sound and come with a 1.2m cord. Buy them on Flipkart here.
Good: 2-channel sound, long cable
Bad: Need USB power, not wireless

This article was last updated on June 3, 2015.

If you’re looking for still cheaper options, here are some from lesser-known brands. We’ve split them up into those you can use with your laptop, and those that go best with a mobile phone.

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