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MTNL broadband speed upgraded to 1 Mbps

MTNL broadband speed upgraded to 1 Mbps

The government internet provider has improved its bandwidth from 512 Kbps to 1 Mbps in Mumbai for 90 days, but how does it to compare to other internet plans in the city? We find out.

Starting this month, MTNL will offer a minimum of 1 Mbps to its 5.5 lakh broadband users in Mumbai. The earlier bandwidth of 512 Kbps will be upgraded for new customers, and existing users will have to migrate to the higher speed plan. This speed is only being offered for 90 days on a promotional basis and is available for a nominal monthly rental fee or Rs699. The plan will be extended based on the response MTNL gets. Upload speeds are also in the process of being upgraded from 512 Kbps to 752 Kbps soon. But how does this initiative compare to other internet plans in the same range in Mumbai?

Service provider Monthly charge Speed offered Download limit Post FUP speed
Reliance Rs699 2 Mbps Unlimited NA
Spectranet Rs699 12 to 16 Mbps 8 GB 512 Kbps to 1 Mbps
MTNL Rs699 2 Mbps 12 GB 1 Mbps
Tikona Rs699 2 Mbps 20 GB 512 Kbps
You Broadband Rs727 2 Mbps 4 GB 256 Kbps

The state owned company has a large consumer base in Mumbai, but with this promotional offer it still does not cut the best deal in the city. Its cheapest plan where you can enjoy 2 Mbps, comes for Rs699 a month. However a download limit of 12 GB is imposed on it after which you will get speeds of 1 Mbps.
Pros Good speed for a cheap monthly rental
Cons Download limit is low at 12 GB

By far one of the best plans on the list, Reliance offers unlimited download capacity with a speed of 2 Mbps. The monthly rental is Rs699, making it also one of the cheapest unlimited internet plan provider in the city.
Pros Unlimited download limit
Cons None

You Broadband
The internet service provider might be giving you high speed internet at great rates but it fails to provide a good deal in the same range as MTNL. At Rs727 a month, the plan is the most expensive on the list and also gives you the least download limit and post-FUP speed. After just 4GB of usage, your speed is throttled down drastically to 256 Kbps.
Pros None
Cons Extremely low download limit and poor post-FUP speed

At Rs699 a month, Tikona gives you 2 Mbps speed till you reach its download limit of 20 GB. Once you reach the limit, your speed is cut down to 512 Kbps which is a bare minimum to surf today’s media rich internet pages.
Pros Comparatively higher download limit
Cons Post-FUP speed is below 1 Mbps

The fiber optic internet provider gives you great speeds for a cheap monthly rental of Rs699. However, with speeds that high, the download limit is particularly low after which your bandwidth is throttled to a respectable 1 Mbps.
Pros High speeds up to 16 Mbps
Cons Low download limit of 8 GB

Verdict The MTNL plan is great for existing users to upgrade to, but it’s still some distance away from being the best service provider in the Rs699 per month range. If you are considering switching to another internet plan, consider Reliance as it offers the best option with a 2 Mbps connection and unlimited download limit for the same rate.

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