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Moto G: Best Android phone under Rs15,000?

Moto G: Best Android phone under Rs15,000?

Motorola’s Google-powered phone has been launched in India through Flipkart. But at its price of Rs13,999 for a 16GB model, is it the best budget Android smartphone to go for?

Motorola’s much awaited Moto G is finally available in the country and you can get it for as cheap as Rs12,499 – the price of the 8GB version. The phone has received rave reviews across the globe for its specifications, build and design quality at its price. Within a week of its launch, the Moto G is out of stock at Flipkart. A total of 20,000 units were sold within two hours and the 16GB model was sold out within 15-minutes of its launch online. Should you also be considering Motorola’s latest product? Take a look to find out.

The Moto G’s pricing is extremely user-friendly with the 16GB phone costing you only Rs13,999. The 8GB model is tagged at Rs12,499. Taking into account the phone’s specifications and since it’s a Google phone, the Moto G promises to give you the best deal in that price range.

The Android phone comes with an HD-display which is 4.5 inches in size and offers 329ppi. The resolution of the phone makes it ideal for viewing images or videos. The processor is a quad core chip and clocks in at 1.2GHz. With a memory chip of 1GB (RAM) and an Adreno Graphics 305 processor, the phone is built to offer great multitasking and deal with graphics-heavy gaming sessions. The 2,070mAh battery promises up to 24-hours of use. Other aspects include a 5-megapixel camera, dual SIM support and additional 50GB of space on Google Drive.

Operating system and native apps
The Moto G runs a stripped down version of Android 4.3 Jelly Bean. A KitKat firmware update has been promised by Motorola which will take the Android version to 4.4. The user-interface is similar to a Nexus phone but Motorola has included its own range of apps. There are useful apps like Assist which is similar to the iPhone’s Do Not Disturb. The app essentially makes your phone behave the way you want it to during meetings or when you are sleeping so that it doesn’t disturb you. Other apps like Moto Care and Motorola Migrate help you to transfer files from your old phone to Moto G with ease and also gives you a detailed guide, tutorial, FAQs and even provides you with a shortcut go get in touch with Motorola’s customer support if you need help.

The phone comes with either 8GB or 16GB of in-built memory which is non-expandable. Most phones in this price range have a microSD card slot, but the Moto G does not feature this option if you want to expand the internal memory. A Google Drive subscription worth 50GB is offered to store your files, media and documents. But if you want to install apps and games, the 8GB memory slot will prove to be a hindrance.

The phone offers great specifications and controls at its price. The hardware capability offered by the Moto G can only be rivalled by Android phones costing a further Rs10,000. If you are looking to buy an Android phone under Rs15,000 there is no better option currently on the market. The firmware update to Android version 4.4 only makes this phone a better buy. Also, being a Google phone, you will get all updates before other Android phones do. However, if you are looking at a Windows phone, the Nokia Lumia 720 comes close to the Moto G with its offerings.

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