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Mileage efficiency apps for your smartphone

Mileage efficiency apps for your smartphone

If you are looking at getting better fuel efficiency from your car, these resourceful apps can help by providing you with detailed data about your vehicle’s mileage.

How often have you questioned your car’s fuel efficiency while refueling at the gas station? You are not alone if you want to get the best efficiency your car can give. Besides following these tips, having a great smartphone app to record information such as your trip data and route distance can help you get better mileage. Don’t believe us? Here’s how.

Many smartphone mileage apps are designed to record the route you take and every start and stop along the way. Some can even take note of how much fuel was used on every trip you make. These apps, with their GPS tracking abilities, can suggest routes you should take for better fuel efficiency and also point out whether you are accelerating or braking too fast, which leads to unnecessary fuel wastage. Here we have four apps which give great data to help you
increase your fuel efficiency.

One of the most popular GPS mileage trackers on the Play store, TripLog automatically starts when your phone is plugged in to the power port of your car. Besides noting down various stats about your route, TripLog can also send you detailed reports about your mileage and which route gives you the best fuel efficiency. Other features also include its great integration with Google to suggest places and points of interest around your route.
Price Free
Supported platforms Android and iOS

Vehicle GPS Mileage
Similar to TripLog, Vehicle GPS Mileage functions in almost exactly the same way. You can record driving hours, track your mileage, see your trip stats and average speed with this app. An extremely battery friendly app according to reviews, Vehicle GPS Mileage can also work without your GPS. If you opt for the paid version, you get added features like location sharing, vehicle odometer corrections and professional mileage and trip records.
Price Free
Supported platforms Android and iOS

Trip Journal
Trip Journal comes with a lot more features apart from doing things your average mileage tracker does. It can record events, locations and other notes on your routes and vacations as well. The GPS route tracking works well and it continuously logs the number of kilometers driven and your vehicle’s fuel efficiency. You can also add pictures and videos to your trip notes with the app. Once you arrive at your destination, the app provides statistics, journal and media entries taken throughout the journey.
Price Rs180
Supported platforms Android, iOS and Windows Phone

You can keep records of multiple vehicles, drivers and even bikes with this app. As an added feature, aCar also gives you reminders for maintenance checkups and to replace old vehicle parts. Besides tracking your mileage, you can also track expenses for toll, parking and any extra fee incurred on your trip. After getting sufficient data, aCar can predict your mileage and expenses, and can even suggest which route will give the best fuel efficiency for your car.
Price Rs220
Supported platforms Android

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