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Lower your mobile phone bill today

Lower your mobile phone bill today

Your cellphone has gone smart, but your mobile plan is probably dumb. Still paying for services you only need a data connection for? We tell you how you can lower your costs.

Do you still look at your mobile phone bill and feel something is amiss? Now that you receive an alert, do you even bother to check your bill? No? Well, you should. The smartphone era has ushered in a completely different way of using your phone, but we’re still paying for services we once thought necessary. Here are some services that can be easily replaced by cheaper alternatives and some others which you can skip altogether to lower your phone bills.

Messaging packs
Whatsapp and the like, even if you have only a 2G connection, have made SMS packs redundant. Tagged at around Rs35 for 350 messages (Vodafone) or Rs54 for 1,000 free messages a month (Docomo), you can simply do away with all these plans and use 2G or 3G to get connected with your contacts on WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat and other similar applications.

Rate cutters for calls
By spending Rs30 per month on Docomo, all your calls will be charged at 30p/min. With Vodafone, a Rs34 plan promises you calls at 40p/min. If you have also subscribed to a base plan that allows you to make STD or even ISD calls cheaper, these plans might can be easily replaced by data plans. Apps like Skype and Viber can help you make VoIP (voice over internet) calls for free. All you need to ensure is that your contacts are using one of these apps as well and you can make unlimited free calls to them.

Itemised billing
If you no longer feel the need to check who you are calling and messaging, do away with itemised bills. You don’t need to incur that Rs50 (depending on your operator) every month. All operators provide an option where you can send a SMS to a designated number and it shows for what duration your calls or messages were made to a particular contact.

Value-added services
Flash or Live messages from mobile operators give you a daily dose of a range of topics, from the philosophies of Osho to cricket updates. If you’d subscribed to them prior to getting a data connection, maybe you could stop now as you could simply access them on the Internet.

Voice calling plans
All mobile phone operators offer various calling plans under which you can get a number of minutes free. But if you are not using these minutes, the ‘free’ minutes can add up to be an expensive component of your bill. Switch to a cheaper plan, or use internet messaging schemes as an alternate to bonus minutes to stay in touch with your contacts.

Voice mail
When was the last time you got a voice mail? If you aren’t receiving too many of these, cut this feature from your bill and save at least Rs20 per month. Besides having a monthly subscriptions to activate a voice mailbox, charges to access messages in it are separate making this a costly service if you don’t use it frequently.

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