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Know when iPhone apps go free

Know when iPhone apps go free

iPhone apps can be expensive, but did you know that many of them regularly go free on iTunes? Here are some resources to know when iPhone apps go free.

If you have an iPhone or an iPad, keeping it stocked with the apps you want can be an expensive task. Even the cheapest games and apps sell for about 60 rupees. In fact, some apps can go up to Rs500. And then there are in-app purchases to add to it.

If you’re looking at the more professional side of things, apps to suit your need can sell for thousands of rupees. Use these handy websites, which tell you when iPhone and iPad apps go free, to save on app expenses.



Once you try this website you may not want to try another. It is regularly updated with several things such as discounts on apps. But the main feature is its apps gone free segment. Updated daily, it tells you which apps are being offered for free for a limited time. And if the apps are paid-for again, that’s updated too, so you don’t accidentally pay for an app.

If the app deals seem too random, you can even ask to be notified when your favourtie app goes free. Use the website’s search bar to find your favourite app and go to the website’s app page. On the left (or on the top), look for the ‘Deal Alert’ box. Enter your email to be notified when the developers decide to offer the app for free.

Check out the apps gone free deals here.



Although you may not find this website as fruitful as iOSnoops, it can be helpful. It won’t notify you when apps have gone free and you’ll have to check back regularly to make sure you don’t miss any good opportunities. However, it adds a label if the deals have expired, so you won’t pay for anything you don’t want to.

Check out AppSaga’s iPhone apps gone free here.



This is another website which keeps you updated with iPhone and iPad apps that have gone free. It even has listing for free games for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. It isn’t very orderly though, and searching through the discounts and free deals can get cumbersome. The service, however, is available as an app for the iPhone and iPad so you can check on deals directly on your handheld device.

Check out the website here.



Like others, a segment of this site lists out apps that have recently gone free. However, you’ll have to check back every day for new deals as the list is updated daily. A plus is that the site lists apps from various categories ranging from photography to education and from travel to productivity.

Check out AppWalls’ iPhone apps gone free here.



This is another website that will give you a list of apps that have gone free. If you sign up you can add apps to your wish list. The site displays apps already mentioned by other websites here, but it also has some that are not featured on other websites, so if they’ve missed any you could find them here.

Check out AppShopper’s free app deals here.

Have you tried or do you regularly use any resources to get great deals on iPhone and iPad apps? Let us know with a comment.

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