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Is Star Sports online worth it?

Is Star Sports online worth it?

You can now watch football, Formula 1 and cricket, pause the game, watch highlights and replays as you please on the Start Sports website. But is it worth the price?

This September, Star Sports officially launched its online streaming portal for fans who find it tough to get access to a television during sporting events. This streaming is possible on laptops, tablets and even smartphones. A subscription fee of just Rs50 is charged for you to get access to matches of your choice. But besides online streaming of sports, Star Sports has a number of other features available to make your viewing even more convenient than a DTH recording box. Let’s find out if it’s worth its total price.

What’s on offer?
If you follow the English or Spanish league, you can get to see all matches of your choice live throughout the season on Select Italian Serie A matches will also be streamed online. Besides football, you can also choose to watch cricket and Formula 1 on this portal.

How does it work?
To gain access to streams, you need to subscribe to one of the Star Sports packages. Subscriptions are split up into four categories – daily pass, monthly pass, season pass for a specific sport or league and complete access pass to all sports. An internet connection of more than 300kbps is required for an optimum experience.

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Features and benefits
Don’t miss out: As Star Sports is an official partner of many sporting events that take place during a calendar year, a subscription to their online channel will ensure that you do not miss out on any game during this season. Even if you miss it live, you can see the entire stream later or just the highlights using the event markers on the timeline.
Uninterrupted experience: The streams are high definition. But if your internet connection is slow, the video player automatically reduces the stream quality so that you get the best uninterrupted viewing experience.
Extra features: Other features also include live player statistics, scorecards and social conversations (Twitter and Facebook) running simultaneously with the stream. A timeline also shows major events that took place in a match, helping you to pause and rewind to that moment to see a goal or a wicket again.

Star Sports subscription packages

Package Platform Price
Formula 1 2013 season Browser only Rs500
Champions League T20 Browser and apps Rs100
Spanish La Liga 2013/14 season Browser and apps Rs500
EPL 2013 season Browser and apps Rs500
EPL/La Liga/Italian Serie A 2013 season Browser and apps Rs800
Montly all sports pass Browser and apps Rs200
Daily all sports pass Browser and apps Rs50

Supported platforms
As of now, you can watch online streams on Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome from your laptop and desktop. Other platforms which are supported are tablets and smartphones running Androids or iOS operating systems. To see streams on your mobile device, you need a 3G connection and the Star Sports app as well.

Even if all you watch is sports on TV, Star Sports can’t be your only fix. It does not have the rights all cricket tours (India vs South Africa, for example) or the Champions League. So it’s no substitute for regular TV. That said, this service has a lot to offer devotees of say, Manchester United or Arsenal. With pitch reports, player statistics, the ability to rewind or pause games, you get an enhanced experience. If you have a good internet connection, you can get a far more interactive experience watching sports online.

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