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Seven IITs to teach online courses free

Seven IITs to teach online courses free

Seven IITs, Cognizant, Infosys, TCS and Nasscom will together provide international level online education courses in an attempt to make science and engineering students job-ready.

By this October, you will have the opportunity to be trained by the brightest minds in the country at no cost. According to this report in The Economic Times, seven IITs, along with Cognizant, Infosys, TCS and Nasscom, will roll out courses using the massive open online courses (MOOC) model. In return, the companies and institutions behind this initiative in India, are hoping to train up to 1.5 lakh students to be job-ready by the time the course ends.

The MOOC model, first launched by Stanford University, enables anyone in the world to take a specifically designed course for free. The courses being offered by first batch of courses will only be on computer science and are currently being designed by 15 faculty members from the participating IITs.

How it will work
In the early stages of this initiative, IITs will run three small modules of a computer science course, which will include programming, algorithms and data structures. Each module will have 12 lectures and the total of 36 lectures will be carried out over 12 weeks. Science and engineering students of any college will be eligible from the second year.

Students can access these modules via Google’s Course Builder platform. For assignments, HackerRank will provide their portal. Cognizant will also offer its training facilities during off-peak hours to help students take tests and get certified.

Candidates who complete this course will be then eligible to write exams for a minimal fee. For the computer science course there will be an IIT certification, for other foundation courses a certification will be provided by various companies or it could also be a joint certification with IITs. Companies have also outlined various skills and other problem solving abilities necessary for at least 67 entry level job roles. These will be made available by IITs on the MOOC platform to help candidates get specific skill based training.

After the initial launch, the aim is to repeat the same model on a very large scale integrating other branches of engineering and general sciences.

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