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HTC Fetch: The best phone tracker?

HTC Fetch: The best phone tracker?

The tiny device available with the HTC One, while not foolproof, could prevent the loss of your phone. But, at Rs2,500, is it really worth the price?

HTC has announced a new accessory called the Fetch, which is supposed to ensure you don’t lose your phone. While most of us depend on free apps, this one costs money. It will be available for Rs2,500 and only pairs with the HTC One currently. That’s expensive, but given that the phone costs Rs56,000, it’s hardly 4.4% of the cost. If it can prevent the loss of your phone a couple of times, we’re sure you’d think the money was well spent. So how does it work?

How it works?
Fetch is a tiny device that notifies you when it can’t track your phone within Bluetooth range (around 15 metres). This can happen automatically if you pair the device with your HTC handset or manually (you’ll need to push a button to hear your ringtone) if you don’t. For it to actually keep you from misplacing your phone, we suspect you would need to pair the two together. This can be annoying, though, as you’d be hearing it beep even when you didn’t need it too. Not pairing the two, though, could potentially render the device useless, as it’s rare that you realise you’ve misplaced your phone immediately.

Will it work?
It certainly reduces the chances significantly. If you leave your phone in a rickshaw or cab, for example, you’ll know soon enough that your phone is not with you. If someone steals your phone and shuts it down immediately (which is what commonly happens), your device would beep (but the phone wouldn’t) and it’s possible that you will get your phone back. However, we’re sure you could think of a number of scenarios in which Fetch would be useless.

Another use?
You could also attach the device to an item that you frequently misplace – your keys, for instance – and you can use your phone to make the Fetch beep, via a corresponding app.

Should you get it?
The Fetch might not be of much help if your phone is actually stolen, as it depends on how quickly you react, whether you can identify the thief, how crowded the area is, among other things. But in many cases, this device would be of help, although you may find it annoying if you’re frequently 15 metres away from your phone. Nonetheless, it’s the one app that seems capable of preventing theft/loss. Get it if you think the price is right. You can’t expect a free app to do as well.

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