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How cloud storage services stack up

How cloud storage services stack up

You may have used cloud storage at some time or other. Here we compare popular cloud services to tell you which offers the most free space and which is cheapest to buy.

Most of us now take free cloud storage for granted. We have it with Gmail; we can get it easily on Dropbox and other platforms. But very soon the free amount of storage could be inadequate. So which service is the best, and the cheapest? Here we compare prices of cloud storage services.

Free limit: 50GB
You definitely get the most out of a free account with Mega. 50GB of free online storage is a huge selling point. For 2TB of cloud storage you’ll have to pay a monthly fee of about 20 euro (approximately Rs1,480); the annual charge for the same amount of space is about 200 euro – or approximately Rs14,800.
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Free limit: 5GB
The free limit here is very small. However, additional storage costs just $10 per month (approx. Rs648) for 1TB and $99 per month (approx. Rs6,415) for 10TB.
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Google Drive
Free limit: 15GB
If you have a Gmail account, you also have 15GB of free cloud storage and purchasing more is quite cheap too. Upgrading to 100GB per month will cost you just $2 (approximately Rs130), while 1TB costs $10 – the same as Bitcasa.
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Free limit: 15GB
You’ll get 15GB of free storage with Microsoft’s OneDrive, and additional storage isn’t at all expensive. In fact, the 1TB plan is even cheaper than Google’s. You get 100GB for about $2 a month, 200GB for $4 a month (Rs259) and 1TB for just $7 a month (Rs453). If you put friends onto the service, you can earn additional storage in increments of 500MB up to 5GB.
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Free limit: 10GB
It gives you just 10GB of free storage and you can upgrade to 100GB by paying $11.50 (Rs745) per month. Considering other options here charge far less for the same amount of space, this is very expensive. There’s also a 250MB file size limit with the free account – which is stretched to 5GB with the paid-for account.

Free limit: 2GB
Still a relic from the beginnings of cloud storage, this service offers very little free space. The silver lining is that it will cost you $10 a month to upgrade to 1TB.
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With most of these services prices are almost equal – you get 1TB of cloud storage for about $10. With OneDrive you get it for $7 and with Mega you get 2TB for 20 euro. Box is just too expensive.

If you’re simply looking for the most storage space you can get for free, you should go with Mega. However, if you need to use email and collaborate with co-workers on documents and sheets, Google Drive and Microsoft’s OneDrive are good options. And remember, you get additional OneDrive storage even cheaper than you’ll get it on Google Drive (although you may not need it).

This post was last updated on October 15, 2015.

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