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Heating charges: Switch to a gas geyser

Heating charges: Switch to a gas geyser

Using an LPG geyser to heat your bath water will bring down your electricity bill, as geysers are among the biggest guzzlers of electricity. Find out how much you’ll save.

Given its obvious money-saving potential, gas geysers are surprisingly unpopular. Perhaps this is because few major manufacturers have spent money promoting the technology. Large companies tend to stick to electric geysers, which are more expensive. This isn’t because they’re more efficient at saving energy or quicker at heating water. Gas-powered geysers are better at both. However, not many seem to know they have access to this technology. Here’s all you need to know about it.

Installation and initial cost
Gas geysers use an LPG flame to heat water instantaneously. If you have piped gas, installation is quick and it won’t require much space. If you don’t, however, you might find that it’s too bulky, even if it saves you money. The geysers are cheap, starting at around Rs3,000, although more expensive than the cheapest electric water heaters, which start at around Rs1,500. Its running costs are, however, much lower.

The gas geyser must only be installed in a ventilated bathroom. This is because they burn oxygen around it and release carbon dioxide. Without the constant supply of oxygen an open window would provide, there are risks of taking in the harmful emissions.

Even if you would otherwise buy the cheapest electrical geyser available, a family of four using a geyser once or twice a day each would easily recover their initial cost, as running costs will be lower by as much as 40%. Here’s a rough estimate of savings:

Gas geyser:
The cost of heating water is estimated at 8 paise per litre. So if we assume that 3.5 litres of water is used per minute (as with a regular shower) for 60 minutes per day, 210 litres would be used per day. This works out to 608 litres of water per month. Therefore, the monthly cost would be Rs504 or Rs6048 per year.

Electric geyser:
An electric water heater with a load of 3,000 watts would consume 90 units of electricity per month, according to a calculator on Reliance Energy’s website. With a cost of Rs8.735/unit, this works out to Rs786 per month. Annually, it works out to Rs9,433.

Result: Therefore, the difference in running cost between the gas and electric geyser in this case is Rs3385. If you believe gas geysers are inherently unsafe or don’t have any ventilation in your bathroom, you should perhaps consider investing in a more energy-efficient geyser (as with air conditioners, electric geysers have star ratings from one to five). These are, however, more expensive to begin with.

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