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Games too expensive? Look to Hong Kong

Games too expensive? Look to Hong Kong

Not the place, but a Hong Kong-based website called Play Asia, which sells many high-priced games at much lower rates than Flipkart and Nextworld and even ships at no charge.

Hit any store to buy a game for your Xbox or Playstation and you soon begin to realise that, if the gamer in you must be satisfied, you’ll soon spend much more than the cost of the console on games. New games at Landmark and Croma are priced at Rs2,499 or even Rs3,000. But, of course, you wouldn’t shop at these stores. Online stores such as Flipkart and Nextworld will give you a much better deal. By all means search these websites because they do offer great deals, but the online world doesn’t require you to look only in India. There’s also a Hong Kong-based website called Play Asia that ships for free directly to India, often at prices lower than what Flipkart and Nextworld have to offer.

Here are the rates for 10 of the most popular games on the market right now. You’ll find that in five of the 10 cases, Play Asia is offering better rates than any of the other three retailers. What’s more is that if you bought all 10 games from Play Asia, you’d save nearly Rs3,500.

Game Play Asia Flipkart Nextworld CEX
COD: Modern Warfare 3 Rs2,389 Rs2,799 Rs2,499 Rs2,500
FIFA 13 Rs1,167 Rs1,999 Rs2,799 Rs3,000
Gears of War 3 Rs1,491 Rs2,300 Rs2,249 Rs1,500
Batman: Arkham City Rs1,731 Rs1,499 Rs1,999 Rs2,000
Red Dead Redemption Rs1,311 Rs1,799 Rs1,499 Rs1,800
Assassins Creed 2 Rs1,371 Rs800 Rs2,339 Rs1,000
Bioshock Infinite Rs2,850 Rs3,999 Rs2,499 Rs3,800
Grand Theft Auto Rs1,790 Rs1,499 Rs1,499 Rs1,500
God of War Ascension Rs2,754 Rs2,599 Rs2,599 Rs3,500
Mass Effect 3 Rs1,437 Rs2,799 Rs1,799 Rs1,800
Total Rs18,291 Rs22,092 Rs21,780 Rs22,400

What you should know

Play Asia It ships games to India free of charge if they cost over $25 (Rs1,500). If it costs under this amount, the maximum cost is $3.9 (Rs230). All games have a six-month warranty attached to them, so you are eligible for a refund or a replacement if your DVD is faulty. However, the cost of delivering the game back to them has to be borne by you. One of the best things about buying a game from this website is that you can even find games with no region codes at all. But be careful to buy the English version of the game as they also offer games in Chinese, Japanese and other South East Asian languages for a hefty discount. One downside to buying from here, though, is the shipping time. While it can take a maximum of 21 days, our research tells us that it’s often closer to a week.

Flipkart You can find every game available on Flipkart. They offer good rates for most games but usually stock only PAL-region DVDs, so if you got your console from America, they won’t work. If they do work, however, you’ll be happy to know that Flipkart lets you return faulty products within 30 days. Free shipping is available on every item that costs above Rs500.

Nextworld As you can see in the above table, the prices are similar to those quoted by Flipkart. Also like Flipkart, you can only find PAL region games here. What should bother you, however, is their ridiculous return policy. Once you open a game from Nextworld, the standard manufacturer warranty applies. So you’ll have to contact the game developer to get the product exchanged. They have no shipping charge.

Complete Entertainment Exchange (CEX) CEX is available in many Indian cities. You can find out rates of games here, but can’t buy online. A big plus is that they offer games of both PAL and NTSC region codes, which means that if you bought your console in the US, you’ll find what you’re looking for here. In case you’re sold a faulty DVD, they claim they’ll replace it with a new one right away. One interesting thing about CEX is that you can also sell your old games here or exchange them for new games by paying the difference in value. For example, CEX buys back FIFA ’13 for Rs2,200 but will sell it for Rs3,800. Use this option for story-based games which don’t have a long shelf life.

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