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Free Wi-Fi hotspot locators

Free Wi-Fi hotspot locators

Have trouble locating Wi-Fi zones while on holiday, here are four great solutions. These apps will point you in the direction of free internet hotspots across the globe in a few seconds.

When you are on the go on your foreign vacation, using your data plan is an expensive option. Although there are cellular companies who offer data plans for cheap abroad (for more on that, go here), it still cannot beat finding a Wi-Fi hotspot which is open to the public for free. These apps give you directions to Wi-Fi zones near you across the globe. Find out which applications offer details for the country you’re visiting:

One of the most comprehensive database of free and paid Wi-Fi hotspots around the world, this online search engine provides you with locations across America, Asia, Africa, Europe and Australia. The browser is simple to use, select which part of the world you are in and it lists hundreds of locations which can provide you with instant internet connectivity. It also lists whether they are free or paid and what your options are to connect to them. If not by location, you can also browse internet locations by business types like coffee houses, restaurants and hotels. For India alone, JiWire could find more than 2,000 free hotspot locations.
Known for Finding free and paid Wi-Fi locations across America, Asia, Africa, Europe and Australia

Wi-Fi FreeSpot
Similar to JiWire, Wi-Fi FreeSpot lists locations which offer free internet connectivity. The data is presented through a browse and search method, where you need to select the location you are in and accordingly hotspot addresses are presented. The database was thoroughly updated for United States of America, Canada and Europe. For other countries, including India, the database does not seem as up-to-date compared to JiWire’s information. Once you find a location which provides free Wi-Fi, you can easily locate it on MapQuest or Google Maps to browse the internet for free. Wi-Fi FreeSpot only lists free hotspots near you.
Known for Finding free Wi-Fi locations majorly in United States of America, Canada and Europe

WiFi Finder
JiWire’s mobile application, features over 5,50,000 free and paid locations across 144 countries in the world. The app can find you free and paid hotspots near you, especially if you would like to make quick video calls or download important data immediately. The app scans the nearby area, and lists free hotspots as green and the password protected ones as red. It also recommends which Wi-Fi connection is offering the strongest signal for use. A useful feature of this app is that it lists internet zones according to how far they are from your current location, making it easier for you to get to the nearest one.
Known for Mobile application to find free Wi-Fi zones for both Android and iOS across the world

Free Zone
Made for smartphones, this app scans and connects you to a free Wi-Fi network near you. If you leave this app running in the background, when you pass through free hotspots, your phone will connect to them, saving your data usage. The app is known to have databases of thousands of hotspots across the world and even information about cafes, restaurants and hotels that provide them. The app also works on a community of users which feed in free zones across the world and are rated by other users if they work or not.
Known for Mobile application which connects to free Wi-Fi zones across continents that are rated by an active community of members

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