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Free hidden features in iPhone 6 and iOS 8 you should know

Free hidden features in iPhone 6 and iOS 8 you should know

iOS 8 brought in a sea of changes – some liked, some not well-received. Here are some tricks you can do and features you can make use of with the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

Apple’s latest iPhones – the 6 and 6 Plus – come with iOS 8 and the operating system brings with it several new features and tweaks. Some are just aesthetic while others add functionality such as those which make it easier to use the large screen phones. Here are a few neat tricks and hidden features of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

One of the key differences about the new iPhones is the larger screen sizes. To make it easier to use, Apple has included a feature called Reachability, which you can turn on by going to Settings > Accessibility > Reachability. The phone’s back button is placed all the way at the top left of the screen. To make it more accessible, double tap the Home button. Don’t depress the button; simply double tap as you would on the screen. The screen drops down so you can reach the upper portions without having to jig the phone around.

Monochrome appearance
You can give your iPhone a beautiful retro look. Go to the iPhone’s settings and in general settings you’ll find a Grayscale toggle.

Self-destructing photos
You can make sure that the photos or videos you send via iMessage self-destruct. When using Apple’s chat app, hold down the camera button to open the camera app and take a photo or video. Such media will cease to exist two minutes after it is sent.

Display zoom
If you find the apps and icons difficult to glance at, you can change their size to take the strain off your eyes while using the phone. Go to Settings > Display & Brightness > Display Zoom. Toggle the standard to zoomed to make icons and text appear a little bigger.

Recover deleted photos
If you’ve deleted a photo by mistake, don’t panic. Go to Albums and then to Recently Deleted, tap the photo you want to restore and then tap Recover. All photos you delete can be found here for up to 30 days after you trash them. After that, they’re gone forever.

Compare image during editing
When touching up an image, it’s easy to overdo it. If you tap and hold the image being edited, you will temporarily be shown the original, so you can compare it with the changes being made.

Reduce Transparency
Transparency effects add a touch of class to your phone. But sometimes it becomes difficult to quickly glance at your screen and absorb the information you seek without being distracted by odd colours that jump out at you. Go to Increase Contrast in Accessibility settings and toggle the Reduce Transparency option.

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