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Free alternatives to top Android paid apps

Free alternatives to top Android paid apps

You may think that certain services, such as GPS navigation and phone security software, just won’t come free, but here are worthy free alternatives to very popular paid Android apps

For every category on the Google Play Store, you can expect a handful of paid apps and hundreds of free ones. Presumably, you think that the paid apps will at least be reliable, while the free apps, particularly for important tasks such as anti-virus software, wouldn’t be trustworthy. While this may be true for the real world, but online, there always are a few apps in every category that work well despite being absolutely free.


Kaspersky Internet Security
Price Rs599
If you want a brand name to secure your phone, Kaspersky Mobile Security seems to be the choice for Android users. It delivers the latest security technologies, protecting your phone from viruses, internet threats, phishing sites, spyware and spam. It also provides privacy protection.
User rating 4.5/5

Avira Antivirus Security
Price: Free
This free app offers nearly the same features as Kaspersky, including the feature that allows you to protect your privacy in case your device is lost. It also enables you to fight off malware and spyware. As a bonus, it also helps you cut off unwanted calls and texts.
User rating: 4/5


Kaiten Mail
Price Rs249
If you are looking for a better alternative to your regular mail application on your phone, the Kaiten Mail app does just that for you. With options to read, archive or delete mails directly from the notifications tab, the app also gives you added functions such as rich text editing, threaded message views and the ability to encrypt messages.
User rating 4/5

Price Free
This free mail support app offers a lot more options than the paid Kaiten Mail application. You can add multiple accounts across different email service providers. The app offers easier spam options and helps you save important emails to your phone’s memory in case you need access to them when you don’t have a network connection. As an added advantage, you can also set a notification timer which will only alert you after the set time about the emails that you’ve received, instead of your phone buzzing each time a new mail arrives.
User rating 4.5/5


Camera Zoom FX
Price Rs180
Looking for an app that gives you more presets, editing options and better controls than the one installed on your phone? Camera Zoom FX does just that. The app has been selected as Editor’s Choice on Google’s Play store and enhances your photography options by letting you shoot up to 20 shots per second. A burst mode also takes 50 images and the app can judge which photo is the best amongst the ones you clicked. The app also provides settings to control the camera ISO, exposure, sharpness and saturation.
User rating 4/5

HD Camera Ultra
Price Free
The HD Camera Ultra app gives you controls over digital or optical zoom, focus controls if you want to take a macro or a landscape shot and white balance options in case your phone does not have them. Additional photo effects are also included, besides controls over exposure and disabling shutter sounds that your phone makes while clicking photos.
User rating 4.5/5

Managing files

Root Explorer
Price: Rs.223
You may initially wonder what this is for, but various apps require access to the data folder of your phone before they are usable. This is something the basic file manager your phone comes with won’t let you do.
User rating 4.5/5

ES File Explorer
Price Free
Whatever you get in Root Explorer, you’ll find in ES File Explorer, which is absolutely free. It gives you access to the root folder and also provides support for images, videos and compressed files.
User rating 4.5/5

Battery Saver

Battery Widget Reborn
Price Rs129
Besides giving you basic battery info, this helps you control which services are taking up your battery. For example, you can elect to switch off the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth when your screen is locked. It also claims to help your processor controls work efficiently so as to conserve your battery.
User rating 4.5/5

Go Battery Saver & Widget
Price Free
Aside from processor control, this app has everything. It even lets switch off your Wi-Fi, data connection and other battery-draining services when your screen is locked or at any other moment you could care to define.
User rating 4/5

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