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Free alternatives to popular paid games

Free alternatives to popular paid games

The great gaming experience you’re looking for doesn’t require any payment. We tell you the gems among the millions of free apps for Android and the iPhone.

If you aren’t a gamer, there’s little need to shell out a fee for games you’re familiar with on other platforms. After all, you may not even end up playing it after the first week. Besides, regardless of genre, there are always alternatives to the popular games on Android and iOS. While some of these may require in-game purchases to unlock levels and abilities, you won’t have to spend a rupee to experience the game.

Racing alternative to Need For Speed

Real Racing 3
Platform: Android, iOS
If you love racing titles like EA’s NFS franchise and Gameloft’s Asphalt series, or even Vector Unit’s Riptide GP2, you might want to try Real Racing 3. The game will let you race 50 officially-licensed cars in a tournament, elimination, time trial and a chase mode called “hunter”. It’s free to buy but leans on in-app purchases.

Sports alternative to Virtua Tennis


Stick Tennis
Platform: Android, iOS
For a free game, it’s very realistic. Accuracy is determined by the timing of your shot, approach the net and even play drop shots. While the figures won’t look anything like Djokovic or Federer, it does offer a good tennis experience. The 17.9MB game is free to download, but for completing the slams, you’ll need to shell out about $1 each.

Endless Running alternative to Temple Run

Subway Surfers
Platform: Android, iOS
Sure, there’s the free version of Temple Run, but the free version of Subway Surfers gives you a fuller gaming experience at no cost. Plus, it offers a refreshing change of scenery from the ruins in Temple Run, all as you dodge incoming trains, pick up coins and surf on a hoverboard.

Arcade alternative to Fruit Ninja

Fruit Slice
Platform: Android
If all you want to do is slice some fruit without paying for it, pick Fruit Slice. Only available on Android, Fruit Slice offers the same arcade fun Fruit Ninja does, but comes in a small 4.4MB package. Android 1.6 and higher only.

World Building alternative to Minecraft

Platform: iOS
There are numerous Minecraft clones, but this is a notch above the others. As the name suggests, it’s like Minecraft, but on the moon. It’s also completely free and doesn’t attempt to make in-app sales. Instead, it’s ad-supported.

Puzzle alternative to Cut the Rope

Where's My Head

Where’s My Head?
Platform: iOS
Similar to Cut the Rope in that it requires you to solve puzzles, but with a different goal. You must return a skeleton its head. Using physics principles to collect coins makes it a little bit more interesting, and the game’s fun and challenging enough to keep you glued.

MMO alternative to Order & Chaos Online

Arcane Legends
Platform: Android, iOS
Set in the fantasy world of Arlor, Arcane Legends, the co-operative online multiplayer, lets you join with your friends and chose a host of pets to accompany you on your adventures. The game has RPG elements and you acquire new abilities and more pets as you play

RPG alternative to Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition

Perilar Lite
Platform: iOS
A proper classic computer RPG, Perilar Lite is the free version and features kings, castles and treacherous imps. A turn-based game, it allows you to create a character and uses “old-school game mechanics”, as you set out on dangerous exploration.

Action alternative to Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour

Contract Killer
Platform: Android, iOS
While Contract Killer may not be very much like Zero Hour, but it offers a different take on action titles. You’re thrown into a world of criminals and you can choose to accept missions and select from an arsenal of weapons for the job. With storied and random missions available you also have the option of tranquilising and capturing your target alive.

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