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Free alternatives to paid Mac software

Free alternatives to paid Mac software

There is no denying there are many high performing paid software for the Apple MacBook and iMac users. But if you’re looking to get the same functions for free, here’s a handy guide.

A huge range of great paid software is available in the iTunes store and from other sources on the internet. But it’s always possible to find a comparable alternative which would cost you way less than what you would pay for a popular one – sometimes even for free. If you are looking to get the same functionality that popular apps and software promise but don’t want to spend money on them, here are five alternatives you should consider.

Photo Editing: Seashore
Adobe’s Photoshop is one of the best software to use if you are looking to edit your photos. But priced more than $700, there are other software on the internet which give you decent functionality and an array of tools to work on your photos. One such software is Seashore. The app is an open source image editor and works on the latest Mac OS. Seashore supports multiple layers and editing on different alpha channels, just like Photoshop does. The software is based on the free popular Windows-based image editor called GIMP, however it aims to give you better basic image editing experience.

System Cleaner: AppCleaner
If you need a good piece of software to properly delete your applications, extensions and other widgets, use AppCleaner as it finds all files related to a particular app so that you can delete without having to worry about bits and pieces scattered on your Mac. Cleaning up apps is extremely simple as all you have to do is drag the software to the AppCleaner interface. It also gives you the option to protect certain apps and files from getting deleted.

Windows compatibility: Virtual Box
If you’re looking to run Windows on a Mac, try VirtualBox. The open source application does well for users that are looking at using Windows for light to medium tasks that do not load the processor heavily. VirtualBox misses some features that other paid software offer, but it’s better than Apple’s Boot Camp that requires you to restart your Mac every time you need to switch to another operating system.

Word processor: Open Office
Apache Open Office is a popular piece of freeware which has been on the internet for over a decade. The application provides you with options to make documents, spreadsheets, presentations and drawings. It is similar to Apple’s paid software, Pages, and it offers a full office suite that would be difficult to find faults with. Open Office also comes with Drawing applications that can replace the iWork suite completely. The software was criticised initially for not having a user-friendly interface, but this has since been improved upon.

Video editing: VideoLAN Movie Creator
Apple’s iMovie doesn’t provide as many features as the paid Final Cut Pro or Adobe’s Premiere, but if you’re looking for a free basic video editor, VideoLAN Movie Creator does a great job. The software can handle a number of video extensions, is good for basic editing and has a small collection of effects. Movie Creator is not as powerful as the aforementioned paid software, but if you are looking at simple editing, it is a good pick.

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