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Five ‘outdated’ gadgets you should consider

Five ‘outdated’ gadgets you should consider

If you thought these gadgets are no longer worth buying, read on to find how you can save up to Rs25,000 buying these tech products and still get a high performance device to use.

Not a long time back Samsung’s Galaxy Note II was seen as one of the best Android products in the market. With the Galaxy Note III’s release, the Note II has fallen out of favour with less people opting for it. Upgraded versions of most gadgets are regularly launched within a year but this doesn’t make old devices any less worthwhile to have. However, with their prices steadily reducing, you can get a really good bargain on these high performance gadgets which still offer great value for money. Here are the top five outdated gadgets which you should consider as your next buy:

Last updated on January 2, 2014.

Apple iPhone 4s
With the iPhone 5s’ launch, the 4s has been pushed to the background with many exchange offers running on it. Even though it comes with only 8 GB internal storage, it runs iOS 7 without any difficulty. Its 3.5-inch display supports a resolution of 960×640 pixels. The dual core processor armed with 512 MB RAM, runs all apps available at iTunes without a hitch, and the 8-megapixel camera is still one of the best in the iPhone category.
Price Rs27,499
Savings Rs24,674 less than Apple’s iPhone 5s tagged at Rs52,250.

Samsung Galaxy Note II
The Galaxy Note III does improve on its predecessor in all its specs, but the Note II was an advanced device, keeping it still largely relevant in today’s smartphone market. A 5-5-inch super-Amoled display gives you the richest colours and comes with a S-stylus for added touchscreen accuracy. The phone comes loaded with a quad core processor and a 2 GB RAM, which is on par with all high-end Android devices in the market today. The phone’s 8-megapixel camera performs great and it also offers a host of connectivity options like NFC, Wi-Fi, USB host support and an MHL port for charging as well as providing an output to a television.
Price Rs29,099
Savings Rs15,180 less than Galaxy Note III priced at Rs45,275.

Nokia Lumia 925
The Lumia 925 was a sequel to the outstanding Lumia 920 and it manages to better the experience of having a Windows phone. With a premium build, superb camera and strong collection of native applications, the Lumia 925 gives phone users a great product. Surprisingly, the Lumia 925 costs lesser than Lumia 920, even with its better tweaked hardware. The phone looks great with its refreshing aluminum finish and gives it a premium edge that other Nokia handsets lack. The 4.5-inch 768×1280 resolution Amoled screen displays vibrant colours and hues.
Price Rs27,968
Savings Rs11,995 less compared to Nokia Lumia 1020 which costs Rs39,963.

Google Nexus 7 tablet (2012 version)
The newly launched 2013 version of the Nexus 7 has reduced the price of its predecessor considerably. The 2012 version comes packed with Tegra 3 processor, 1 GB RAM, 16 GB storage and runs all hardware-demanding apps with ease. The 7-inch display has a great resolution of 1,280×800 pixels. The battery, with a solid 4,325 mAh capacity, gives you up to 10 hours of backup on a single charge. As an add-on, if you are using a Nexus product, you are bound to get all Google updates before any other product gets them.
Price Rs9,999
Savings Rs10,151 less than Nexus 7 2013 version priced at Rs20,150.

Apple iPad Mini
The older generation of iPad Mini is a great buy if you are looking at a quality tablet. With a fantastic product design, the iPad Mini runs iOS 7 extremely well without any hitches and gives great performance while running any app from the iTunes store. With a 7.9-inch display that gives you 1,024×768 resolution, the tablet is great for movies, videos, games and even reading e-books. The rear 5-megapixel camera supports recording high definition videos and the front camera gives you the option of making video-calls with ease.
Price Rs19,710
Savings Rs9,190 compared to iPad Mini retina display which costs Rs28,900.

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