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Top price tracking apps

Top price tracking apps

There are many apps that can notify you if the price of your next purchase has dropped. Not just for travel and shopping, there’s even one for when apps go free on the Apple store.

How many times have you found a product or an app you wanted to buy but let it pass as its price was a little too high? Prices of most online products change a few times in the same week, while airfares, much to everyone’s frustration, can change a few times a day. How often are you going to check a website to see if the price is right? And what if it drops and you miss it? That would be really annoying. Save yourself the frustration and get one of these handy price alert apps. You’ll never miss out on a bargain again.

This web service can give you alerts for multiple websites on the net. Besides creating price alerts for Android and iPhone apps, it is also synced with Flipkart to notify you about prices of various products. Not just handy for price alerts, you can also customise it to give you notifications for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, the weather and even new jobs posted. You can also set it to notify you for sports news and Bollywood alerts.
Available on All platforms
For? Online shopping, Android and iPhone apps

One of the most comprehensive price alert websites in India, MySmartPrice allows you to compare prices at many different shopping websites, including Infibeam, Snapdeal, Amazon India, eBay India and Flipkart. You can set a price drop alert, but it also tells you which website has the best deal running on the product.
Available on All platforms
For? Online shopping

Price Dekho
Split into several categories including mobiles, cameras, laptops, electronics, mobile accessories and even cars and bikes, Price Dekho acts as an aggregator of various prices and information regarding your product. You can use the website or the Android or iOS app and it aggregates prices from over 20 shopping websites to give you the best deal. It also displays a seller rating for you to determine how reliable the transaction can be.
Available on All platforms
For? Online shopping

This mobile app can’t be used to notify you when the price of a certain product drops, but it can be used to find your desired product and get the lowest prices for what you want to buy. It also shows you various reviews and ratings of the products. The app can be downloaded for free from your phone’s app store.
Available on Android, iOS and Windows Phone
For? Online shopping

Apps Gone Free
For Apple users, this app does exactly what its name suggests. It scours through iTunes for apps that have reduced their prices or gone completely free and notifies you about it. Unlike other price alert apps, however, you cannot create price alerts for any products or apps that you want. Still, this is a handy service for iOS users.
Available on iPhone, iPad
For? iTunes apps

Specifically for flight fares, you can set up an alert for your destination and even key in which date you are looking to fly at what price. Once the fare falls below your desired price point, it sends you an email notifying you about the price drop. As per your preference, you can have Ixigo mail you once a day or, better yet, alert you about the price drop as it happens. The service is only available for domestic flights as of now on the website. If you want to check international flight price alerts, Cleartrip has that option handy.
Available on All platforms
For? Airfare price alerts

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