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Cheapest power banks for smartphones

Cheapest power banks for smartphones

If you are facing low-battery problems regularly with your smartphone, consider a power bank for charging on-the-go. Find out the cheapest portable ones here.

Running various applications on your smartphone can drain out its battery fairly quickly. If you are a heavy phone-user, especially when it comes to your 3G connection, browsing the internet and streaming videos, your phone battery will discharge soon. But instead of avoiding these tasks, you can simply opt for a portable power bank to charge your phone throughout the day.

A power bank can be charged before you leave and you can plug-in your phone when its low-battery signal comes up. Most power banks on a full battery can charge your phone at least twice; however, they may take longer compared to traditional power outputs. Here are the cheapest power banks available right now:

Last updated on January 7, 2015.

Power bank Power capacity Charge time Warranty Price
MAXX 2,600 mAh 4 hours 6 months Rs479
Ambrane 2,200 mAh 3 hours 1 year Rs479
Adcom 2,200 mAh 3 hours 1 year Rs449
Ambrane P-26 2,600 mAh 4 hours 1 year Rs399

MAXX Smart Power Bank Charger (Get it here


The charger comes with a 2,600 mAh battery and has a life cycle of over 500 recharges. With a charge time of up to 4 hours and 90 days of standby, at its price of Rs433 this power bank is a good deal. The device is compatible with all smartphones, tablets, bluetooth receivers and portable speakers.
Price Rs479
Warranty 6 months

Ambrane Power Bank (Get it here)

Ambrane powerbank

This power bank from Ambrane has a battery capacity of 2,200 mAh and takes 3 hours to get charged. The battery, a good performance lithium-ion setup, gives an output voltage of 5V and has a warranty of one year.
Price Rs479
Warranty 1 year

Adcom Power Bank (Get it here


Adcom’s power bank comes loaded with Sanyo’s 2,200 mAh battery which gives an ouput of 5V. With a charge time of up to 3 hours, the power bank is protected against over-current, over-charging and voltage fluctuations. The device has a charge cycle life of 500 times.
Price Rs499
Warranty 1 year

Ambrane P-26 Portable Charger (Get it here


This device from Ambrane is a good multi-functional product and is also extremely lightweight making it a good choice for everyday use. The battery is compatible with a number of electronic products that range from smartphones, tablets and iPods.
Price Rs399
Warranty 1 year

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