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Cheapest 3G on international roaming

Cheapest 3G on international roaming

Being in free Wi-Fi territory on your holiday may not always be possible. If you need to have access, here are the best plans for US, UK, Singapore, Thailand and Australia.

Your hotel may offer free Wi-Fi, but holidays aren’t for being holed up in a room. If you need web access outside your room, you could make a big mistake by surfing even just a little on your home network. For example, an Airtel roaming connection in Australia will cost you Rs550 per MB. It’s not always that high. Vodafone gives you a plan costing you Rs49 per MB in America and with a rental of Rs2,499, but that’s still exorbitant, isn’t it? But even among the international SIM cards, you could make some costly errors. We found one that charges you as much as Rs900 per MB. So if you’re heading to the US, UK, Singapore, Thailand or Australia, here are the service providers offering the best plans:

Service provider WorldSim Uniconnect Matrix Tsim
USA Rs30/MB Rs76.8/MB Rs47.4/MB Rs3/MB
UK Rs30/MB Rs48/MB Rs49/MB Rs3/MB
Thailand Rs900/MB Rs76.8/MB Rs80/MB Rs127.2/MB
Australia Rs900/MB Rs76.8/MB Rs58.6/MB Rs18/MB
Singapore Rs900/MB Rs76.8/MB Rs49.2/MB Rs190.8/MB
One time charges Rs3,099 Rs1,000 Rs349/Rs900* Rs3,000

*Rental in USA is Rs900. All other countries, rental is Rs349.

United States of America
Pick Tsim gives you the best package here with its extremely cheap rate of Rs3 per MB. However, opt for the Matrix 3G card if your usage will be below 50MB. The higher rental cost of the Tsim 3G plan can only be justified if you will need more than 50MB of bandwidth on your travel. If you will be using your data plan only for emails and other text based web pages, go for the Matrix card.
Don’t pick The Uniconnect plan is the most expensive 3G plan in America. The WorldSim card offers competitive rates, but its exorbitant rental charge makes it a costly plan to have.

United Kingdom
Pick Go for the Tsim card if your usage will be above 60MB in UK with their Rs3 per MB plan. The Matrix plan offers the cheapest rental amongst all options. But only opt for it if you will be using your data plan for light usage like emails.
Don’t pick Avoid the WorldSim card if you are travelling to United Kingdom. With rental rates as high as Rs3,099 for a Rs30 per MB plan, this option from WorldSim is the most expensive in UK.

Pick Choose the Matrix SIM in Thailand for its low rental of Rs349. Its per-MB rate is not the cheapest in Thailand, though its low rental makes it a good value-for-money option on your foreign trip. As a second option, you can also consider the Uniconnect SIM card.
Don’t pick The WorldSim card offers a very expensive plan of Rs900 per MB. Its rental charges of Rs3,099 is the most expensive as well amongst all other network providers. Also, avoid Tsim in Thailand for its Rs127 per MB charges on data.

Pick The lowest rate per MB is charged by Tsim in Australia, with its plan of Rs18 per unit. However, as with other countries mentioned on this list, you should pick Matrix if you will be using your data plan moderately.
Don’t pick As in Thailand, the WorldSim card offers the same exorbitant rates in Australia. Uniconnect is the other plan which you should not opt for in Australia with its high rates of Rs76.8 per MB.

Pick Go for the Matrix card in Singapore as no other international SIM card can beat its tariffs here. Rs49.2 per MB with a rental of just Rs349 is as cheap it can get for both light and heavy mobile internet users.
Don’t pick Again, avoid the WorldSim card again in Singapore. Tsim does give good options for your international trips, but not in Singapore. Its rental of Rs3,000 and Rs190 per MB will set you back on your 3G usage bill.

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  1. Sofi November 27, 2013 at 12:21 AM

    I am using travelsim card for international calls. It works with unlocked cellphones, was able to make and receive calls, use Internet, make calls with Skype, use apps – was very satisfied with the service.

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