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Cheap and efficient split ACs

Cheap and efficient split ACs

Air conditioners are power hungry appliances. Choosing one that is not expensive and, at the same time, efficient at cooling while consuming power conservatively can be a money-saver.

How much does your AC drive up your electricity bill? It’s not just the cost of the AC you have to factor in, but also how efficiently it does it’s job. With summer already upon us, if you’re looking at buying an AC for your home, make a smart purchase instead of getting one that’s capable of performing all the functions you don’t need.

Here we’ve listed out the split ACs chosen by Right Choice magazine. The magazine independently tests products based on their functionality and efficiency. All have performed well in the tests for power consumption.

Whirlpool 3D Cool SAR18L53D0
Right Choice score 77%
Price Rs38,000
Power consumption 1,551 watts
The cheapest model to be labelled a Right Choice, this AC achieves top ratings for its cooling capacity as well as for the low noise it makes while in operation. It’s good at dehumidifying a room too, and sucks in hot air from three directions – hence the 3D Cool in its name.
Pros Quiet in operation
Cons No sideways fan swing

Blue Star 5HW18ZBW
Right Choice score 80%
Price Rs38,232
Power consumption 1,534 watts
This AC unit from Blue Star placed first overall in the Right Choice tests. It is good at dehumidifying a room and is quite silent when running. It’s turbo mode is good, too. However it lacks a silent mode for when you’re sleeping.
Pros Good dehumidification
Cons No silent mode, no sideways airflow

LG LSA5NR5F L-Nova 1.5TR
Right Choice score 79%
Price Rs38,490
Power consumption 1,545watts
Even though it is the second-best AC unit in light of cooling capacity, it leaves a little wanting in terms of dehumidification, which means it could leave the room feeling a bit moist when it cools. It is fairly quiet, too. The e-saver mode ensures the unit levels off once it reaches a comfortable temperature.
Pros Very good at quick cooling
Cons Fan speed cannot be adjusted in sleep mode

The next two ACs cost over Rs40,000, but are Right Choices and fared well in the tests.

Hitachi Ace Cutout RAU518HTD
Right Choice score 79%
Price Rs41,826
Power consumption 1,597watts
This air conditioner is very good at dehumidification and operates at a low noise level. And while it didn’t perform very well at quick cooling, it features a sleep mode which raises the temperature by 1oC every hour for four hours.
Pros Offers custom modes, quiet in operation
Cons Doesn’t have an energy-saving mode

LG LSA5MR5M L-Maxima 1.5TR
Right Choice score 78%
Price Rs41,990
Power consumption 1,508watts
This unit consumes the least power among models here and performs well in terms of turbo cooling. It is also good at dehumidifying a room. But it’s not all that quiet when running. A special monsoon comfort mode regulates both temperature and humidity.
Pros Very nice turbo cool mode, auto-clean feature
Cons Fan speed fixed in sleep mode

How much do they contribute to your electricity bills?

To know how many units an appliance consumes, you have to use this simple formula:
Wattage of the appliance x hours used / 1000 = Number of electricity units consumed

For 1,500-watt AC unit
This means that if an AC consumes 1,500 watts of power and you leave it on for an hour, it will consume 1.5 metre units. If you leave your AC on at night, over the period of 8 hours, it will rack up 12 metre units.

Let’s say in addition to leaving your AC on at night, you use it for 2 hours every day. That’s 15 units a day. So, on average you’ll be increasing your monthly metre read-out by 450 units.

For 2,000-watt AC unit
If your AC isn’t as efficient and, let’s say, it consumes 2,000 watts. That would mean, for 10 hours of daily use, you’d use 20 units a day and 600 units a month. That will amount a huge difference in your monthly bills.

On more on how energy ratings work with air conditioners, go here.

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