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Budget tablets under Rs15,000

Budget tablets under Rs15,000

You don’t need to burn a hole in your pocket to get a well-rated tablet that suits your needs. Read on to find the best Right Choice tablets you can get below Rs15,000.

In just a few years, the tablet has become the primary computing device for many, at least during leisure time. It’s very convenient to carry around, browse the internet, read emails and watch movies or listen to music. Even though the most expensive tablet can cost as much as Rs50,000, there are many options if you are looking at products on a tight budget. Here are the best four Right Choice rated tablets under Rs15,000:

Tablet Price RC rating Processor Internal storage
Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 P310 Rs14,999 74% 1 GHz 16 GB
Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7-inch Rs11,999 73% 1.2 GHz Up to 32 GB
Google Nexus 7 Rs14,500 72% 1.6 GHz Up to 32 GB
Lenovo Ideatab A2107A Rs10,499 69% 1 GHz 16 GB

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 P310
The Tab 2 has a sharp 7-inch screen and is optimised to run Android 4.0 and most apps in the Play Store with fast speeds and efficiency. Videos look great on the screen and also run very smoothly due the tablet’s processor speed of 1 GHz. With a memory of 1 GB RAM and internal storage for 16 GB, the Tab 2 P310 can be used as a great source for games, books and other entertainment. The 3-megapixel primary camera on the tab can take HD videos as well.
Right Choice rating 74%
Price Rs14,999

Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7-inch
The 1280×800 HD display comes with a polarizing filter and anti-glare technology for rich colour reproduction and deep contrast for easy reading and viewing. The high performance 1.2 GHz processor can carry out most tasks quickly and it also comes with a dual-band antenna which boosts its connectivity speed. If you buy the Kindle Fire HD, you are also given unlimited cloud storage access on Amazon for your files, books and other downloadable content. The tablet is known to be glare free and makes it easy to use in bright daylight as well. The Kindle Fire HD runs a customized version of the Android Ice Cream Sandwich version 4 as its operating system.
Right Choice rating 73%
Price Rs11,999

Google Nexus 7
The Nexus 7 is an extremely lightweight tablet and can be easily held in one hand while you are using it on the go. With a durable build, fast performance and battery life, you would be surprised at the product you are getting at the price it’s tagged at. On a single charge, the Google Nexus 7 will give you over 8-hours of high definition video playback, 10-hours of web browsing and up to 300-hours of standby time. The Nexus 7 comes with Android’s latest Jelly Bean OS and being a Google product; you can expect updates to reach your tablet first. The 7-inch screen is a vibrant 1280×800-pixel one and gives you a good experience when you are watching videos or gaming.
Right Choice rating 72%
Price Rs14,500

Lenovo Ideatab A2107A
The A2107A comes with a 1 GB RAM and an internal storage of 16 GB. The tab also comes with a 3.15-megapixel camera and the Ice Cream Sandwich Android 4.03 version. The tablet is ideal for reading, browsing the internet and videos as it gives you 7.5-hours of performance on a single charge. The 7-inch screen, which gives you a resolution of 1024×600 pixels, is good to read PDFs and other documents. The in-built speakers on the A2107A are loud but also give you crisp sound quality.
Right Choice rating 69%
Price Rs10,499

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