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Best budget phones for senior citizens

Best budget phones for senior citizens

Senior citizens don’t have to be technologically challenged if they have the right phone. Tested by Right Choice, here are phones for the elderly that are light on the pocket and easy-to-use.

In the race to power-up mobile phones, senior citizens have been ignored. Mobile phone companies rarely tailor phones to the needs of older people (the only recent example is the iBall Aasaan, but this too has been discontinued). If they do, these phones are barely ever advertised. Consequently, many seniors either decide against learning to use a phone altogether. If you’ve tried and failed to get your parent to use mobile technology, perhaps you should try a more basic phone. Tested by Right Choice magazine, these affordable phones are best at making the experience as easy as possible.

Nokia 1800
One of the cheapest phones on the market, the Nokia 1800 has a classic candy-bar design and weights only 75g. The phone is fairly easy to use and has a battery life which provides almost three and a half hours of talk time. The small 1.8-inch-128×160-pixel display can however pose problems to people with vision problems. For instance, you can only see three contacts on the screen at one time and only a small portion of text messages.
Price Rs1,374

Nokia 2720 Fold
This flip-cover style phone comes with a 1.3MP camera and FM radio. Aided with two displays, the one outside is a monochrome display which illuminates when the handset is in use, indicating text messages or phone calls. Opening the phone reveals the main screen, measuring 1.8 inches and with a low resolution of 128×160 pixels. This phone is sufficient for basic use but makes reading and writing texts tricky. Even though this phone is a light model, it’s reassuringly sturdy. Sound quality on calls is reasonable and the battery performance is decent.
Price Rs2,500

LG GB102
This LG phone is an incredibly basic candy-bar model, but makes a decent choice if someone needs a phone for just making calls. It doesn’t have a camera, a music player, radio and cannot access the internet either. The phone’s major plus is its high user-friendliness. It also offers good signal strength and has a good battery that provides six to seven hours of talk time. Weighing just about 68g, the phone is very light and pocket-friendly. One downside is its small screen, which can make texting tricky.
Price Rs2,517

Nokia 2330 Classic
The Nokia 2330 Classic is a good phone to have if you are on a tight budget. It comes with a basic VGA camera and FM radio. It’s 1.8-inch 120×180 pixel display is small enough to not fit many letters on the screen which can make texting difficult. But the letters on the screen are large and easy to see. Performance wise, the phone gives good value for money. The 2330 is extremely easy to use and has a decent battery life.
Price Rs2,550

Sony Ericsson W350i
Another flip-cover phone but from Sony Ericsson, this model offers great value to someone who is looking for a music-playing handset. You can use the dedicated Walkman buttons on the thin flip to operate the music player. By opening the flip you can access the keypad. The buttons are fairly large and smooth. The text size is small and the phone does not have a zoom setting, but the W350i offers great reception levels, clear calls and a long lasting battery.
Price Rs2,961

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