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Broadband internet top-up plans

Broadband internet top-up plans

Are you reaching the Fair Usage Policy limit of your broadband connection? Instead of considering pay-as-you-go or throttled speeds, you can buy extra bandwidth.

If you are working on a Fair Usage Policy (FUP) limited broadband connection, you probably check how much more data you have left this month regularly. If you’re close to exhausting your limit, perhaps you’ll save some of your downloads for next month or browse at work more often. That’s understandable, because opting for the pay-as-you-go (PAYG) option or throttled speeds is expensive and frustrating, respectively. With PAYG, you would pay up to Rs0.5 per MB. This means that each movie of say, 700MB, would cost you Rs350. On the other hand, throttled speeds can be frustrating when you’re used to higher speeds.

If you exhaust your limit regularly, you may want to consider a faster plan. If you’re in this situation only occasionally, however, the cheaper and faster solution is to top-up your broadband plan with special vouchers available. While we’ve only found four that offer them as of now, they’re a great way to temporarily increase your limit for the month.

How does it work?
In case you run out of bandwidth with your internet plan, you can select a top-up plan best suiting your needs from your internet service provider. Plans are usually offered either on basis of how much more data you need or according to number of extra days you will be using it for. The speeds offered for these plans, if not mentioned otherwise, will be the same as your internet plan. Here are the top-up plans on offer by internet service providers:


Voucher MRP Data usage
Rs59 512MB
Rs99 1GB
Rs199 3GB
Rs299 5GB
Rs449 12GB
Rs799 25GB


Days available Voucher MRP Speed
1 night Rs25 1 Mbps
1 night Rs40 2 Mbps
2 days, 2 nights Rs50 1 Mbps
1 night Rs60 3 Mbps
2 days, 2 nights Rs75 2 Mbps
2 days, 2 nights Rs100 3 Mbps


Plan name Voucher MRP Data usage
RCV275 Rs275 600MB
RCV500 Rs500 2GB
RCV750 Rs750 5GB
RCV975 Rs975 10GB


Plan name Voucher MRP Data usage
BBV Topup 200 Rs200 2GB
BBV Topup 375 Rs375 5GB

If you think you are on the wrong internet plan, go here to see which broadband service is the best for you.

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