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Best prices for phones over Rs25,000

Best prices for phones over Rs25,000

Here are the best prices for over 50 smartphones over Rs25,000 across the following physical stores and online retailers - Croma, Mobile Store, Amazon India, Flipkart and Infibeam.

If you’re looking to buy a high-end smartphone, you definitely want the best bargain. Unfortunately, it’s a lot of trouble to search for the best price, particularly when you have no idea which one you want. Well, the task is much simpler now, with our price check of smartphones that cost over Rs25,000.

This list was last updated on January 12, 2015.

Handsets Croma Mobile Store Flipkart Infibeam Amazon India
iPhone 5s (64GB) NA NA Rs48,890 NA Rs61,899
iPhone 5s (32GB) NA NA Rs52,999 Rs62,500 Rs51,999
iPhone 5s (16GB) RS44,500 Rs43,999 Rs38,999 Rs42,500 Rs37,599
iPhone 5c (32GB) Rs53,500 NA Rs35,799 NA NA
iPhone 5c (16GB) Rs36,990 NA Rs32,999 NA Rs31,499
iPhone 5c (8GB) Rs29,500 Rs28,499 Rs25,500 NA Rs24,500
iPhone 6 (128GB) Rs71,500 Rs71,500 Rs71,500 Rs71,500 Rs71,500
iPhone 6 (64GB) Rs62,500 Rs62,500 Rs58,990 Rs62,500 Rs60,940
iPhone 6 (16GB) Rs53,500 Rs53,500 Rs51,999 Rs53,500 Rs52,899
iPhone 6 Plus (128GB) Rs80,500 Rs76,999 Rs80,500 Rs80,500 Rs80,500
iPhone 6 Plus (64GB) Rs71,500 Rs71,500 Rs71,500 Rs71,500 Rs71,000
iPhone 6 Plus (16GB) Rs62,500 Rs62,500 Rs60,799 Rs62,500 Rs61,500
iPhone 4s (8GB) RS22,500 Rs21,599 Rs18,750 Rs20,500 Rs17,438
LG Google Nexus 5 (16GB) Rs27,490 NA Rs25,810 Rs27,999 Rs27,480
LG Google Nexus 5 (32GB) Rs30,490 NA Rs29,347 NA Rs29,406
LG Google Nexus 6 (32GB) NA NA Rs43,999 NA NA
LG Google Nexus 6 (64GB) NA NA Rs48,999 NA NA
LG Optimus G Pro 2 D838 NA NA Rs31,099 Rs30,399 Rs36,640
LG G2 (32GB) NA NA Rs29,999 Rs31,885 Rs33,500
LG G2 (16GB) NA NA Rs27,889 Rs28,093 RS28,999
LG G3 (32GB) NA NA Rs38,199 Rs37,599 Rs37,990
LG G3 (16GB) NA NA Rs37,990 Rs36,799 Rs44,090
Sony Xperia ZR NA NA Rs16,999 Rs19,585 NA
Sony Xperia Z1 Rs26,990 Rs24,889 Rs24,990 Rs24,699 Rs25,703
Sony Xperia Z2 Rs34,990 Rs33,799 Rs33,599 Rs33,199 Rs34,320
Sony Xperia Z3 NA Rs43,599 Rs43,190 Rs42,599 Rs44,990
Sony Xperia Z3 Compact NA Rs35,000 Rs39,990 Rs37,899 Rs39,038
Sony Xperia T3 Rs18,990 NA Rs18,499 Rs25,515 Rs18,050
Nokia Lumia 925 Rs27,399 NA Rs20,995 NA Rs21,999
Nokia Lumia 920 Rs32,095 NA NA NA NA
Nokia Lumia 930 NA NA Rs37,099 Rs36,349 NA
Nokia Lumia 830 NA NA Rs26,990 Rs27,272 Rs28,248
Nokia Lumia 1020 NA NA Rs20,999 NA Rs36,999
Nokia Lumia 1520 RS40,999 NA Rs39,144 Rs42,057 Rs41,000
HTC One E8 NA NA Rs36,000 Rs32,600 Rs35,752
HTC One M8 Rs42,990 NA Rs40,217 NA Rs44,900
HTC One M8 Eye Rs39,001 Rs38,236 Rs34,567 NA Rs36,145
HTC One Max NA NA Rs34,951 NA Rs40,800
HTC Desire 820 Rs24,990 Rs24,990 Rs22,216 Rs23,675 Rs24,032
BlackBerry Q10 NA NA Rs28,990 Rs20,405 Rs24,999
BlackBerry Z10 NA NA Rs24,550 Rs25,000 Rs17,999
BlackBerry Passport Rs49,990 Rs46,999 Rs45,777 NA Rs45,610
BlackBerry Z30 NA NA Rs29,800 Rs29,499 Rs29,799
Oppo Find 7 NA NA Rs37,990 Rs38,548 Rs37,990
Oppo Find 7a NA NA Rs31,990 NA Rs30,866
Oppo N1 NA Rs32,990 Rs32,990 NA Rs32,990
Oppo N1 Mini NA NA Rs26,990 Rs26,990 NA
Oppo R1 NA NA Rs24,990 Rs25,223 Rs24,112
Samsung Galaxy S3 I9300 Rs23,400 NA Rs23,000 NA Rs20,500
Samsung Galaxy S4 I9500 Rs21,900 NA Rs20,999 NA Rs24,900
Samsung Galaxy S5 Rs33,499 Rs33,499 Rs30,999 Rs34,900 Rs33,945
Samsung Galaxy S5 LTE NA NA NA NA NA
Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini NA NA Rs20,999 NA NA
Samsung Galaxy Note 2 N7100 NA NA Rs32,999 Rs36,700 Rs28,674
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 N9000 Rs34,900 Rs34,999 Rs34,999 NA Rs31,999
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo Rs23,999 Rs23,999 Rs21,999 NA Rs23,970
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Rs57,000 Rs56,999 Rs54,999 Rs61,500 Rs57,000
Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Rs64,900 Rs64,900 Rs64,899 Rs64,900 Rs64,900
Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8 I9152 Rs19,990 NA Rs18,699 NA Rs22,699
Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 I9200 Rs18,000 NA Rs28,499 NA NA
Samsung Galaxy Mega 2 Rs20,900 NA Rs20,364 NA NA
Samsung Galaxy Alpha Rs38,900 Rs35,999 Rs36,140 NA Rs36,540
Samsung Galaxy A5 Rs25,500 Rs24,900 NA Rs25,699 Rs25,500

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