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Best free cloud storage websites

Best free cloud storage websites

Use one of these websites and you’ll never have to carry around a pen drive again. And they’re free! We list the pros and cons of the top five cloud storage websites.

Dropbox revolutionised the way we store files. It wasn’t the first, but it was the first cloud storage services to catch on globally. But does it still offer the best plan available on the internet? It’s up there, but there are a few others – including Google, of course – that are offering larger spaces for free. So which one should you pick? Here are our favourites.

Google Drive
Why For 15GB of free storage!
Google’s reply to cloud storage has been a hit with its users since its inception. Google Drive lets you upload up to 15GB with no file size restrictions. Also, you can use Google Docs to access key documents from any mobile or computer you have access to. Drive is also compatible with external plugins to edit photos, send fax documents and even design your new home by using FloorPlanner.
Free space 15GB
Works on Windows, OS X, iOS and Android
Pricing $1.99 for 100GB per month

Why Free storage of 20GB
The service is not as popular as its counterparts on the internet as of now, but it provides extremely competitive plans if you’re willing to pay. It offers free space of 20GB on sign up, and 1TB for $10 a month. Like the Google Drive, it is also compatible on Windows, Android, iOS and OS X. An extension for Bitcasa allows you to have all your downloads on Chrome saved directly on the cloud.
Free space 20GB
Works on Windows, OS X, iOS and Android
Pricing $10 for 1TB storage per month
Why 10GB free, great application to use for complementing other cloud software.
Starting you off with 10GB for free, use this app to complement your preferred online cloud storage website. A Box Sync app can let you access it directly through your phone or computer. You can also access your files by simply logging into your account through the web.
Free space 10GB
Works on Windows, iOS and Android
Pricing $10 for 100GB per month

Why Highly integrated application for Windows users.
Microsoft’s cloud storage service used to provides the most space for free (25GB), but this stopped in April 2012. Now you can get 7GB absolutely free (10GB if you’re a student). Pick this service if you use Office 365 extensively, as all your MS Office work will automatically be saved on SkyDrive.
Free space 7GB for new members and 10GB if you are a student.
Works on Windows, iOS and Android
Pricing $2.5 for 25GB per year and $0.2 per extra GB

Why Great set of plugins and referral program.
Even though Dropbox provides the least amount of space for free, its referral program can help you get up to 18GB for free. Its multi-platform compatibility and the convenience to provide public access to your folders make this cloud storage website a contender. Due to its open source nature, Dropbox also has a great range of plugins and extentions to complement its service.
Free space 2GB
Works on Windows, OS X, iOS, Linux and Android
Pricing $10 for 100GB per month

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