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Best free apps to follow cricket on your mobile phone

Best free apps to follow cricket on your mobile phone

Try these apps that give you cricket scores and more if you are unable to watch the match live. Some have interesting features and all are free.

You may not always be able to get yourself front-row seats to a cricket match. Sometimes you may be caught up in work or some other commitment, causing you to miss a crucial cricket match you’ve been waiting to watch for weeks. Fret not. Here we give you a list of apps that keep you up to date about goings-on in cricket matches around the globe.



The app tells you about cricket matches going on around the world and includes international cricket, matches from the World Cup, World T20, IPL, Champions League and Big Bash. There is live text and audio commentary, and you get match alerts and latest cricket news. Interestingly, if you haven’t opened the app or you’re not looking at the widget, the app doesn’t update, saving you mobile data.

It has advertisements though, which can be removed by paying a fee.

Get it: iPhone, Android, BlackBerry



This one also keeps you informed about T20, Twenty20, IT20 and Test Cricket matches with push notifications. But it has something more. It gives you innings details, information on the bowler and batting partnership, and even a score projection.

It too shows you ads, and you will have to pay Rs190 to remove them on the iPhone and iPad.

Get it: Android, iOS

ESPN’s cricinfo


The advantage of getting an app from a larger, well-known developer is that you are assured of the content. You will also most likely get it for a variety of platforms. This is exactly the case with ESPN’s cricinfo app. Available on Android, iOs, Windows Phone, and even for Windows 8 and the Kindle Fire, the app isn’t just for live matches although it uses push notifications to instantly update you on score updates, wickets, ball-by-ball commentary and more.

You can set reminders for upcoming matches so you don’t miss out on any interesting games. And it too check to see if it is running in the foreground to save on mobile data consumed.

Get it: Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows 8, Kindle Fire

Yahoo! Cricket


Like other apps in this category, Yahoo! Cricket let’s you follow matches in various ways from the simple live scores pushed to your mobile device, to ball-by-ball commentary. The app covers all international matches and you can glance at live scores from all matches taking place at a given time. There is an interactive scorecard for more detailed information.

Get it: Android, iOS app


This app integrates many sports under one roof. You can check on cricket, football, Formula 1 racing, tennis, badminton, hockey and kabaddi. ODI, T20 and test cricket matches are included, as are the matches of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015. In addition to features we’ve already seen on this list, such as ball-by-ball commentary, this app gives you match schedules, statistics, fixtures and results. If you have a subscription, you can even stream live matches, match highlights and replays.

Get it: Android, iOS

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